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Kindhearted Strangers Fulfill Dying Boy’s Birthday Wish of Sitting In A Ferrari

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In March 2015, Toby Penrose has been diagnosed with Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). This rare degenerative disorder causes several deterioration such as loss of vision, seizures, deafness, decreased mobility, and gradual dementia.

For his 11th birthday, he told his parents he had just one wish – he wanted to sit in a Ferrari.

Naturally, his parents wanted to make that happen. They wanted to fill Toby’s remaining days with happy memories. Only problem is, they don’t know how to find such an expensive sports car.

So Emily, Toby’s mother, took it to Facebook to ask anyone who may have a Ferrari that her son may sit in. Much to her surprise, the response to her simple plea was overwhelming.

Diagnosed with a rare disorder, Toby Penrose only had one birthday wish – he wanted to sit in a Ferrari.

toby penrose ferrari 1

Source: SWNS

Nine strangers readily granted her request to fulfill the dying boy’s birthday wish.

Surprisingly, a total of nine Ferraris showed up outside Esplanade Hotel to fulfill Toby’s dream.

toby penrose ferrari 3

Source: SWNS

On Sunday, a fleet of Ferraris greeted Toby outside the Esplanade Hotel in Newquay, United Kingdom.

As you can expect, Toby was overjoyed and had “the biggest smile” as his dreams came true right before his eyes. Aside from sitting on the passenger seat, he was even allowed to rev the accelerators.

“This event really made his birthday. It means a lot to him and a lot to us,” Toby’s mom said.

toby penrose ferrari 4

Source: SWNS

Obviously touched by the kind gesture of strangers, Emily shared:

“The support from all of these people – who most of them we’ve never met – is absolutely amazing.

“This event really made his birthday. It means a lot to him and a lot to us.”

Watch the heartwarming video here:

It’s moments like this when your faith in humanity definitely gets restored. Kudos to everyone who made sure that Toby really had a wonderful birthday.

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