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40 Times Kids Became Brutally Honest in Their Greeting Cards

And they did these with the sweetest of intentions.






As innocent as they may look, kids can still say that darndest thing. Add to this the fact that they tend to draw outrageously rude stuff. But perhaps the most interesting among their shenanigans is writing inappropriate greeting cards.

From unfortunate, honest mistakes to brutally honest take-downs, we here at Elite Readers compiled a list of the most inappropriate greeting cards from innocent children. And mind you, they made all of these with the sweetest of intentions. You cannot just throw that away, right?

So yep, go scroll down and check it out. You are definitely going to love it – and laugh a lot along the way!

#1. How far will you go if you had a different mom?

#2. This kid gave this one to his teacher.

Source: Reddit
#3. Yup, a kid did this.

#4. Too young for Valentines, eh?

Source: hate_mail
#5. “Glad you’re not dead,” grandpa.

#6. Good luck, mom!

#7. Fitting you in what?

#8. When your kid gives you this.

#9. I am sorry but you are not…

Source: jizzwaffle
#10. A great poet in the making.

Source: geni91782
#11. When Valentine’s Day becomes a war.

Source: SAPHEI
#12. I am just being honest, dad.

#13. Because you just turned 21.

#14. You are still bald!

Source: TheToolMan
#15. Ah, This is so sweet… Wait, what?

Source: Imgur
#16. Yeah, pretty.

#17. Honesty is the best policy.

Source: 240240
#18. Are you being sweet or you are actually threatening me?

Source: Reddit
#19. Well…

Source: Ahall1123
#20. Life is a waterslide.

Source: Trai-Harder
#21. See. Kids are brutally honest.

Source: solarequator
#22. Straight to point!

#23. Thanks for “cocking” food for me dad.

Source: krato_1995
#24. This is how you make a greeting card related to chemistry.

Source: Imgur
#25. Kids these days.

#26. Keyword: “Gas”

#27. Your secrets are fine with me mom. Promise.

Source: 8gxe
#28. You better listen, Valerie. Or esle…

Source: cdogfly
#29. Why it is important for your kid to learn the difference between letters “L” and “R.”

Source: bdreamweaver
#30. I already warned you, mom.

Source: Imgur
#31. Thank you so much!

Source: xidarian
#32. My name is Kurt, not…

Source: RphotoG
#33. Perhaps it is not a good idea for kids to draw something on a “get well soon” card.

Source: mikelem
#34. At least it rhymed.

#35. Yikes. That is so mixed up!

Source: alykat_808
#36. “Touches you” or even “FLERTS.”

#37. Goodness gracious!

Source: alpenglow37
#38. Tell me: Are those???

Source: BassBlend20
#39. I love you but…

#40. Yeah. Sh*t happens.

Source: Amanda Blast

Well, it seems allowing kids to create greeting cards is not really a good idea. Just kidding, of course!

Let us know what you think about this compilation in the comments below!

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