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This Short Danish Ad on Child Abuse is Short But Powerful





It may be under reported and kept under wraps in most cases, but it exists, and it is alarming.

Child abuse is the physical, sexual, or emotional maltreatment of a child by a parent or guardian. According to the World Health Organization, studies have shown that one in four adults have experienced physical abuse as children. An estimated 41,000 cases of homicide in children aged 15 years old and below annually has also been reported by WHO. These alarming statistics though still does not accurately represent the magnitude of the problem, since most cases of child maltreatment are not reported or are incorrectly reported.

Just because you don’t see it does not mean it does not exist. There are many forms of child maltreatment, and physical harm is just one of the many. Other forms, such as emotional maltreatment, leave scars far more deeper and longer to heal. One such example is perfectly captured by this short Danish advertisement on child maltreatment, showing an abused child wearing a mask everyday.

Watch the poignant ad below:

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We must put an end to this social menace. If not addressed and nipped early in the bud, child abuse becomes a vicious cycle. Let us do our share and stop child maltreatment.

Source: Animation Workshop

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