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8 Telltale Signs That She’s Cheating On You





When we talk about cheating – in marriage most especially – we automatically think it’s the guy who cheated. That he’s the reason why a certain relationship fails even after spending many years together. But in reality, there are also many cases of women cheating on their partners.

Apparently though, it’s sometimes hard to notice if your girlfriend or wife is cheating. This is considering the fact that our human psyche tends to think otherwise. Perhaps men are not that keen to details unlike women? Nevertheless, it’s still very important for you to pay attention, most especially to your intuition.

Below are tops signs that will help you know if she’s cheating.

#1. She Always Keeps Things to Herself

When you’ve built a certain kind of trust with a person, you start to feel like sharing almost everything with him/her. And this is exactly the same with a relationship. When you and your lady partner have reached this level, you immediately develop a special kind of bond or trust. It’s unlike to ones you build with your friends or parents. With your partner, you can almost tell her even your darkest, deepest secrets.

But when things start to fall – say, she starts cheating – you’ll notice something off about her. An example here is when she stops informing you about her day-to-day schedules. And if you ask, she suddenly shrugs you off. It should be noted, however, that it might not necessarily mean that she’s cheating. Sometimes, she’s just upset about something in your relationship. The idea is that, in one way or another, there’s something about her that you can’t understand. And this should be enough for you to be alarmed.

#2. She’s Not as Open as Before

Almost everyone knows that women, regardless of age, are more likely to open up about their feelings than men. But if she starts to take this “openness” away, she might be emotionally cheating with someone else. Because really, it’ll should be hard for her to talk about a thing or two when she knows that she already did this with someone else. When she’s not as candid as before, then it could be that someone else is fulfilling this emotional task.

A licensed clinical psychologist named Sarah Schewitz was quoted saying this:

She might be tired of having the same conversation over and over again with no change. She might be giving up on getting through to you but that doesn’t mean she’s being unfaithful. If she is not being as open as before, ask her why. Tell her you want to be there for her and support her through whatever she is going through.”

#3. She Tends to Hide Her Phone

According to AskMen, whenever a woman does a thing that she knows is wrong, she obviously feels guilty about it. You might start to notice that rather than spending her time on the phone with you on the couch, she puts the device in another place. Of course, she doesn’t want to risk the possibility of you finding out her secrets.

Dating expert Laurel House say,

Women may hide text messages, email exchanges, and phone calls with a ‘good friend.’ He could start off as just a friend, but it could also be progressing into more.”

This could either be a shift on her behavior or a combination of the aforementioned signs. Either way, she’s pulling away from you. And this particular sign might mean that she’s starting to think twice about your relationship. Otherwise, she wouldn’t entertain another man in her life in the first place.

#4. She’s Simply Light on Details

Source: PicQuery

Remember the first time the two of you started dating? Weren’t you fond of sharing even the smallest of details (i.e. way she cooks or arranges her clothes, etc.)? But all of sudden, she tells you about a book club (for the sake of example). When was the first time she mentioned about it? And wasn’t she uninterested about this particular hobby before? Why the sudden change? Just keep in mind that this could be anything as far as your relationship is concerned. She might start to tell you about something that’s new to your relationship, but she doesn’t disclose the details. Or if she does, the details are either light or unacceptable.

The key here is to actually pay attention to her after those nights. When she comes home, try to ask her about the “book club” and pay attention to what she says. If she’s really into that kind of thing, she’ll have no issues opening it up with you. Otherwise, she’ll be cagey and she’ll start to block you the moment you ask questions.

#5. She’s Not in the Mood

In a relationship, sex is a very important thing – and I couldn’t stress this enough. It’s not about lust; it’s about the love you have for each other. If you can’t remember the last time you and her did the deed, then the two of you are in a serious problem. You, in particular, have a validation to suspect. “Why is my wife not in the mood anymore,” you ask. That’s because someone else is fulfilling her sexual appetite.

Remember: when it comes to sex, women see it as an emotional thing. They don’t usually do it for the sake of having it. If they’re unhappy, they’re unlikely to do the deed. And why would she do it with you when she already has someone else?

#6. A Sudden Makeover

Believe it or not, some women can be obsessed with the way they look – even after they marry. But this becomes an alarming thing when a change suddenly happens drastically. For instance, she recently dropped 15 pounds and became obsessed with a morning workout. She does this instead of cuddling with you in the morning or preparing the breakfast. While you might not agree with it, there’s a possibility that the sudden change in appearance is fueled by her new lover.

This kind of scenario especially happens to couples who went through a drastic change in their lives. Perhaps they underwent a tough challenge, the kind that questioned their affection towards each other. If you experienced this with your girl and she suddenly becomes obsessed with whatsoever, then you better be alarmed.

#7. She Thinks You’re Downright Insecure

This is when your partner starts to complain almost everything about you. And the “no-no” clue here is when she starts to call you insecure. First and foremost, there’s nothing wrong about feeling insecure. Even the best psychologists out there will tell you the same thing. However, if you’re 100 percent sure you’re not feeling insecure, it’s possible that she’s the one who actually feels that way. And perhaps she just projects this to you. It’s also a sign that she’s actually attracted to someone that is self-confident and/or assertive – at least that’s what she thinks. Instead of a partner, she unconsciously sees you as a roadblock.

#8. She Downloads a Dating App

Source: Wired

Seriously, this one here is a no-brainer. This is even a clearer sign that she’s open to having another relationship than the one you already have with her. Because if not, why would she download a dating app in the first place? Why would she even entertain the idea of talking or chatting to men? She’s in a relationship, so why does she need to connect to a single man? While this is a solid sign that she’s cheating, it’s also an opportunity for you to understand your relationship from a different perspective. Use it as a way to determine what lacks in between. And if all else fails, then it’s probably time to hang up the curtain.

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