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Taiwanese Actress Under Fire For Allowing Toddler To Dress Up As Victoria’s Secret Angel





Halloween is usually celebrated with kids going out for trick or treating in adorable costumes. Parents can get extremely creative with their kids’ costumes. Easily, superhero or monster costumes are everyone’s favorites. However, one mom in Taiwan has taken it to a different level.

Taiwanese actress Terri Kwan decided to let her two-year-old daughter dress up as a Victoria’s Secret angel on Halloween. If you’re familiar with the angels, then you’ll have a pretty clear picture of a toddler in stockings and lacy lingerie. You’ll also expect that the mother will be criticized for her actions and parenting style.

This is typical of a Victoria’s Secret model.

Taiwanese actress Terri Kwan let her toddler girl go as a VS angel on Halloween.

Source: Wikipedia

Kwan shared a couple of photos on her Instagram, as well as on Chinese social media Weibo. As expected, Kwan was met with backlash for sexualizing her daughter and allowing her to dress in a skimpy outfit.

Kwan shared photos of her daughter on social media.

She was blasted for dressing her kid in an inappropriate way.

Some even demanded that Kwan should take the pictures down.

Many people believe that Kwan is endangering her daughter by letting her go as a sexy model, considering there are sick people who target children. Others, however, believe that people should not take things seriously as the little kid was just having fun with a Halloween costume.

It turns out that Kwan’s daughter was not only dressed as a VS angel for Halloween this year. It was just one of her costumes for the party in the nursery. The little girl also went as a hula dancer, a flower girl, and a mermaid, among others.

Kwan shared to Apple Daily that she loves Halloween and enjoys dressing up her daughter since she was little. She said she’s been dressing her up because she fears time will come her daughter will no longer want her to dress her up.

What do you think? Did you find Kwan’s decision disturbing or just fine? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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