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Marine Animals Spotted Enjoying UAE Waters, Following The Widespread Lockdowns

Rays, dolphins, and sharks have been enjoying the waters - with fewer boats, humans, and pollution around.

Watch the Awesome Experience of a Woman Wakeboarding Accompanied by Dolphins

Wake boarding is fun but dolphins joining you on the side makes it more awesome and memorable!

Terrifying Footage Shows Dolphins Throw Itself Onto Rocks to Escape Hunters...

The dolphin drive hunt event occurs yearly in Taiji, Wakayama, Japan from September to March.

Dog Amazingly Rescues a Baby Dolphin on the Beach

Watch a dog rescue a baby dolphin on the beach.

Guy Flies a Camera Over the Ocean. What He Filmed? Breath-taking!

This video will instantly make you a fan of the ocean!

Playful Dolphins Surfing the Australian Coast Looks so MAGICAL!

Surfing has never looked this mesmerizing!