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Dog Amazingly Rescues a Baby Dolphin on the Beach





Dogs are remarkably one of the most intelligent animals. We’ve trained, domesticated, and made them our best friends. But more than making them our partners, dogs usually have more than just emotions. They have an instinct to help and save, not only humans, but also other animals.

Take for example, Leia. Leia is Rich Wilcock’s dog. She always accompanies him wherever he goes. One day, while Rich was fishing on a beach in Wales, his dog Leia wandered and suddenly came back barking at him.

He knew she found something.


He then followed Leia to the shore where she seemed to be pushing back a fish to the sea.

To his surprise, he found out it was a baby dolphin.


Rich, then, pushed the dolphin back to the sea and made sure it wouldn’t go back the shore. Amazing as it was, Leia was able to find and rescue the poor baby dolphin. As Rich recalls, “Think the little guy was lucky as there was nobody around for miles! And, if it wasn’t for my dog barking at me I would have missed him too!”

Leia was the baby dolphin’s heroine!

Watch Leia in this video as they rescue the baby dolphin.

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