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Dad Cries Happy Tears After Daughter Surprises Him With Epic Father’s Day Gift

You know you’ve given a great gift when the reaction of the receiver is like this!


Giving gifts to fathers is always an exhausting experience. Because they don’t show much emotion and always exude an aura of ‘don’t think about me,’ we are often left with generic choices such as mugs, wallets and belts, to give them.

In this video we found, a daughter took the extra effort to find out what her dad truly fancies so she could give it to him on Father’s day. According to the YouTube description, the father and daughter tandem lost their house and everything they owned to a fire incident.

For Father’s day, the daughter then decided to get the help of her grandmother so she could buy the exact same book that the family gave his father years before. We are not sure what the title of the book is exactly, but it surely meant a lot to the father just by looking at his priceless reaction.

Watch the video here:

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We can tell that the father was so surprised and overjoyed the moment he unwrapped the gift. What a very touching moment!

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This Woman Spent $1,100 and Travelled 1,500 Miles to Save 100 Dogs from Yulin Festival

Like Yang, we need to take action to put an end to this vicious tradition.


Recently, the controversial Yulin Festival in southern China made headlines after the cruelty and savageness of the tradition were exposed on the Internet. Many of these dogs were kidnapped, kept in tiny cages, and  killed in an inconceivable manner.

The traditional dog-meat festival held every year during the summer solstice involves the inhumane killing and consumption of around 10,000 dogs in Yulin, a southern city in the country.

This year, animal lovers and animal rights activists across the world have expressed their disgust over the deeply-rooted tradition. Using the hashtag #stopYulin2015, Internet users made it a trending topic on social media spreading awareness about the evil practice.

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Couple Who Had Been Together for 67 Years Died Holding Each Others’ Hands. A Beautiful Love Story!

This is a really wonderful story of two people who are meant to be together until the very end.

Love is an inexplicable feeling that brings two people together. Some people are just meant to be and no matter what happens through their life, love will find a way to bring them together in the end.

Meet Floyd and Violet Hartwig; they grew up together in Easton California but they were separated when Floyd enlisted in the US navy after graduation. But after a couple of years, the two met each other again and this time, they have been inseparable.

They work on their ranch diligently and they build a loving family. But as they advance in age, both of them grew weaker. Violet first became ill and shortly after, Floyd was diagnosed with kidney failure. In their final moments, their children decided to bring together their parents' hospital beds so they could hold each other. They passed away hand in hand and the Hartwig children knew this is what their parents wanted all along.

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Armless Man Throws an Impressive Ceremonial First Pitch at a Baseball Game

Tom Willis threw a perfect strike!

Most baseball fans dream of doing the honor of throwing the first pitch of a game someday. The ceremonial first pitch indicates "the end of the pregame festivities and the beginning of the game."

It is an important role given to different notable and inspiring personalities and that includes some of the former presidents of the United States.

So during a recent Mariners-Giants game in the AT&T park in San Fransico, California, all eyes were on the honored guest---Tom Willis.

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