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This Street Food Stall was Awarded with a Michelin Star!





Usually, food enthusiasts try new restaurants based on its Michelin star rating. These restaurants do offer sumptuous meals, but oftentimes at a relatively steep price. But not Chan Hon Meng’s food stall.

Chan’s Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle food stall became the first food stall ever to receive the prestigious Michelin star. He sells his signature dish, the Chicken rice, at an affordable $1.50 per plate.

Chen busy serving food at his stall

Chen busy serving food at his stall

Chan started his food enterprise when he was 16. Business picked up over the years, and he now sells about 150 plates of his sumptuous chicken rice a day. In fact, customers wait for about three hours just to buy his dish.

When he first heard that his food stall was a candidate for the award, he was surprised and doubtful. According to Chan, “When I received the invitation to the award ceremony, I was uncertain. I thought it was a joke. I’ve never heard of a Michelin inspector visiting a street stall“. But then again, who wouldn’t award that plump and juicy-looking chicken a Michelin star?

So if ever you find yourself in Singapore, go find his stall and have a taste of his Michelin-star cuisine.


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