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Two Guys Pretend to be Gay in Russia, The Reactions They Get Are Terrifying!

In Russia, even pretending to be gay have serious, inimical consequences.

Ann Moises





Many social network users celebrated gay pride by splashing rainbow colors on their profile pictures. This was in lieu with the United States ruling to legalize gay marriage in all their 50 states.

While most people from the LGBT community are ecstatic about the news, I guess some of them who live in countries where gays and lesbians are still highly discriminated, wish that their countries too, would do the same. Because the fact remains that in several countries, you can be persecuted for being gay and for displaying actions related to homosexuality.

Russia, for instance, has always been hostile with the LGBTs.  And although they have decriminalized homosexual relationships in 1993, the government still implement very strict laws against them. For instance, the Kremlin passed a law in 2013 that forbade gay couples from adopting Russian-born children.

Artem Frantsuzov and Jay Babenko took part in a social experiment shot by ChebuRussiaTV to show how homosexuals are physically and verbally abused in their country. These are straight guys who bravely agreed to walk the historic streets of Moscow while holding hands to see how people would react to such scenario.

But after a few hours, the men, along with Nikita Rozhdestv who shot the video, stopped filming because they felt threatened.

So, can you imagine what it’s like for homosexuals to live in a country where the third sex are not openly accepted?

Watch the video and tell us what you think.

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Americans Sign Prank Petition for Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike Against Russia

Although this was supposed to be funny, it’s alarming how all these Americans willingly signed the petition to nuke Russia.

Mark Andrew



Mike Dice does it again!

In the past, the journalist-slash-prankster made fools out of many Americans by asking them to sign fake petitions such as “I Support Illiteracy,” “I am a Zombie Who Does What I’m Told, Without Thinking,” and the campaign to “Add Soylent Green (or human flesh) on School Menus” for Michele Obama’s lunch initiative.

This time, the guy is back for another ridiculous petition that again earned a lot of signatures.

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Professional Skater Goes To Skate Park Disguised as 80-Year-Old Man

Watch Danny Leon as an old man on a skateboard own the Madrid Skate Park.

Grace Alviar Viray



Sure we've seen a lot of old people who have rocked sports through races, cycling and marathons despite their old age, but we've never seen one rock a skateboard ramp. It seems like old people and the skateboard isn't a good pair.

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Guy Shaved His Head And Made A Wig Out Of His Hair. Now Watch What He Did To His Clueless Friends!

The reactions of his family and friends were priceless!

Inah Garcia



To be successful, pranks should be made with utmost creativity, uniqueness and style. If it is something people have already seen, then chances are, they have already guessed what you are trying to do even before you have pulled that prank. We think the best tricks are those that involve resources that are far from plain and simple. A good prankster is willing to change, even his/ her own physical appearance just to pull an epic trick. But of course, not many are brave enough to do so.

In this video we found, YouTube user Joshua Darrah mustered enough guts to create the ultimate prank. He shaved his head, made a wig out of it, then went to visit his family and friends. He told them that he was making a video project so they smiled in front of the video camera with Joshua, secretly donning his self-made wig. When the victims faced the camera and Joshua removed the wig, their reactions were priceless!

Watch the video here:

We think Joshua's creativity is brilliant and this prank is right on. The video was feel-good, funny and entertaining to watch. What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your fmaily and friends too

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