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What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Personality and Relationships?





What type of sleeping position are you most comfortable with? Do you like to cuddle with your partner? Do you love to curl up like a fetus? Or do you turn on your stomach and cover your head with a large comfy pillow to shut the world out?

According to research, sleeping positions can help determine the type of personality we have, including our relationship with other people. So if you’re interested in someone, asking them about their favorite sleeping position (as long as you won’t sound like a creep or a pervert) can probably make you understand them better.

The six most common sleeping positions include fetal (41%), log, (15%), yearner (13%), soldier (8%), free-faller (7%), and starfish(5%). Read the list below and see the type of your personality based on your sleeping position.

#1. The Fetus


Photo credit: Daily Scene

A person who sleeps in this position appears tough and projects a very strong personality. But, once you get to know them, you’ll find out that they’re actually shy, sensitive people who want someone to take care of them. Imagine Robert de Niro’s role in the movie Stardust.

#2. The Log


Photo credit: MTL Blog

These people sleep on their side with their arms and legs completely parallel to their bodies. Although their sleeping position looks like they’re a little uptight, loggers love to have fun and chill out. Generally, they are ‘people persons’ who are very trusting even with strangers, and, therefore, are often gullible.

#3. The Yearner


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Imagine how a person looks like when he/she longs or desires something. That’s how a yearner looks like in bed. They sleep on one side with arms extended as if they’re reaching out for something. These people don’t keep too many secrets about themselves and are not narrow-minded. However, they can become suspicious and cynical sometimes.

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