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8 Simple Tricks That Can Help Burglar-Proof Your Home





Wherever you are in this world, there’s still a chance that burglars will intrude your home. We’re simply not safe these days, as the number of burglary cases continue to be reported. However, if you invest time and effort in safeguarding your home, you can always save your valuables.

We at Elite Readers want to share these 8 secret hiding hacks, all of which are proven and tested through time. Use them to fool even the meanest and smartest of burglars.

#8. A Hollow Book

This one here isn’t entirely a new trick, though. You’ve probably seen this on movies or TV shows. The idea is to keep anything valuable in said book. You can either purchase one online or make your own by using a box cutter.

#7. A Fake Rock

Source: Amazon

This rock will fool every burglar out there. It’s basically a key safe that, in one way or another, looks like an ordinary rock. You can choose to hide a spare key to your vault where your jewelries and stuff are hidden. To make it more effective, bury the rock in your lawn.

#6. A Wall Clock Safe

Source: Aliexpress

It’s among the most unusual places that you can use to hide important stuff. And believe us, a burglar won’t even think that it’s a safe. You can simply put your valuables under the clock’s back panel.

#5. An Air Vent Safe

Source: Amazon

Have you seen those movies where an air vent safe becomes an escaping route? The idea is somewhat the same, but the difference is its usage. You can actually buy a lot of these fair air vent vaults online. Or, if you want, you can create your own. Just use your creativity!

#4. An Outdoor Thermometer

Source: Amazon

This isn’t your typical outdoor thermometer. You can use it to hide money, jewelries, and the alike. If it has enough space inside, you can hide your spare keys there.

#3. An Outlet Safe

Source: Amazon

Obviously, a robber won’t think that an outlet is actually a safe. They’re fond of going after vaults, cabinets, or drawers.

#2. A Doorstop Stash

Source: Flickr

If you think the aforementioned are cool enough, then you haven’t seen a doorstop stash yet. Think about the beauty of hiding valuables right in the front door. If you haven’t thought of it, so are the thieves. You simply need to hollow out a hole in the top edge of your front door and then put a metal container. Easy, right?

#1. A Fake Pringles Can

Source: Amazon

Unless the burglar is hungry and decides to munch, then this trick won’t do you any good. Apparently, it’s otherwise. You can either purchase it online or make one yourself. You can use an ordinary Pringles can and remove its bottom cover using a can opener. From there, make a false bottom with a round piece of cardboard and glue it inside. Take a canning jar with a foil lid, place your valuables inside, and put the jar right into the bottom of the Pringles can. Voila!

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