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Architect Designs Unique House Out Of Shipping Containers To Be Built On A Desert

An architect designs a modern house made of shipping containers which creates an illusion of a flower placed in a desert.

Donna Marie Padua





There are a lot of innovations and new discoveries in the construction world today, and the modern architecture is never failing to surprise the world with its latest creations. The world was used to see structures made up of wood and concrete only, but the use of container vans to build living spaces is starting to become the new trend.

There are already hundreds of container van house designs posted online and they are certainly awe-inspiring. However, a new design of house made of shipping containers might soon become the new head turner once its construction gets done.

A container van home is going to be build based on this design and its interior is as awesome as its exterior.

A London-based designer named James Whitaker designed the awesome shipping container house shaped like a desert flower-like cascade that’s going viral online today. It is yet to be built, but people are already excited to see the end result as the 3D design makes the structure look like it’s pretty interesting to live in.

The design features a 200-square meter house, which includes complete house features a kitchen, a living room, and three en-suite bedrooms with beds facing the full-size glass wall. The house will be made from several conjoined shipping containers that will be set at various angles, creating the illusion of a huge flower blooming in the desert.

The modern shipping container house was designed by James for an unnamed film producer who has a passion for nurturing creative projects. James revealed some details of the project saying:

“Earlier this year my client in LA had some friends visiting and, having a little time to spare, they all went on a road trip to visit the client’s plot of land in Joshua Tree…One of the friends said, ‘you know what would look great here?’ before opening her laptop to show everyone a picture she’d seen on the internet. The picture was of an office that I’d designed several years ago but had never been built, so the next time the client was in London he got in touch and asked to meet up.”

James calls the house The Joshua Tree Residence. The house is yet to be built on his client’s 90-acre plot of land in California, and the start of construction is already set to begin next year. The residence will be solar powered from panels on the garage roof, which, at the same time, will offer occupants with stunning views across the surrounding landscape from the numerous windows installed and from the house’s large wooden deck.

Scroll down for more photos of the flower-shaped container van house in a desert:










Home & DIY

Turn Water Into Wine From Your Own Kitchen With Genius DIY Prosecco Kit

The world can now enjoy the first ever DIY wine kit where one can turn water into wine in just a few, simple steps.

Donna Marie Padua



Booze lovers should celebrate over the world’s best liquor innovation yet as they no longer have to wait for special occasions like Christmas, birthdays, weddings or romantic anniversary dates just to indulge on a bottle of wine. Say goodbye to long ques on booze stores or the irritating noise inside bars as we now have the power to turn water into wine in just few, simple steps!

Wine has almost became a staple during celebrations. New Year will never be complete without popping a bottle of red wine. Steak and pasta dates will never be complete without a glass of white wine. As wine has been proven to be a liquor that’s good for the heart, many grew interest on it with enthusiasts even investing in their own winery business.

You no longer need a miracle to turn water into wine as Victor's Drink made it possible with its Mysecco kit.

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Teacher’s Clever Bread Experiment Shows Why Kids Must Wash Their Hands

A health teacher came up with a genius experiment that had kids wanting to wash their hands.

Donna Marie Padua



Winter season is almost near and all the kids are once again feeling the thrill and chill of playing around the snow. But more than the promise of a wonderful time under the blizzard and around the creative snowman sculptures is the threat of flu coming upon the youngsters.

As flu season comes alongside the celebration of the festive holidays, there’s nothing more helpful to parents in keeping their kids safe from illnesses than effective preventive measures. And one of the simplest tricks they could teach their kids is to always wash their hands with anti-bacterial soaps to fight the germs from lingering on their bodies.

Kids can be really stubborn though, or for some cases, forgetful. They roam around outside the house and catch some bacteria on their hands, but they neglect to clean to themselves before they indulge in their yummy snacks and meals. As an effect, they could get their immune system down when they feed with their dirty hands that are full of bacteria.

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15 Ingenious Uses of WD-40 Besides Rustproofing

I always thought it was only meant for rustproofing.




Almost everyone in this world – especially those who own cars and motorbikes – are aware of WD-40. And of course, they know the power this yellow-and-blue can could offer. To simply put it, this product helps protect any metal from rust. Call it a gem in this modern world.

Apparently though, WD-40 isn’t just your typical “rust remover.” It can also be used to wipe out grease and grime, and even the crayon your kids are fond of writing on the walls. Or how about the fact that it can get the gum out of your hair? Pretty impressive, right?

In reality, there are tons of ways for you to use this lubricant. Below are some of them. You can thank us later!

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