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10 Signs the Relationship Might Be Over And it’s Time to Move On.





Relationships are tricky business. It needs work and efforts and can be exhausting from time to time. But there are some pretty clear signs that indicates the work has paid off or if the relationship is going downhill.

In the beginning it’s all flowers and roses, and peaches and cream, and we’re riding on cloud nine never seeing the huge fall back to reality looming in the distance. Some people fall pretty hard from their cloud in the sky, while others simply seem to float down and find someone else.

When things start going downhill in the love department, do you ignore or take note of the warning signs?

#1. You’re Not Happy.


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This one is simple – if you’re not happy it’s time to get going. Don’t think that it’s going to change. No-one wants or deserves to lead an unhappy life.

#2. Your Friends and Family Hates Him.


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No, you don’t always know better! Trust those who loves you and care so much about you.

#3. You’re Not His Priority.


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When you feel somewhat forgotten, or simply taken for granted, it may be a bad sign.

#4. He Never Does Anything Nice.


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Inconsiderate or self-obsessed? These attitudes are certainly not cool in a relationship.

#5. His Life is Quite a Mess.


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Be careful when your partner doesn’t seem to know what he wants – career, family, etc. And if worse, vices are the big trouble, like drugs or alcohol. Don’t ruin your life by getting involved in someone’s messy life.

#6. His Friends are Terrible.


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Take note of who he hangs out with. If they’re up to no good there’s a good chance that he is too.

#7. There’s Too Much Mystery.


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If you never seem to know where your partner has been, after work, over the weekend or late into the night, something fishy may be going on.

#8. He Fights Dirty.


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Good communication is vital in a relationship, so if your partner tends to get mad too quickly or shows signs of violence, things can only get worse.

#9. The Sex is Nonexistent or Simply Unsatisfying.


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Sex is as much part of a relationship as good communication. If a couple stop making love to each other, it can be taken as an early warning sign that the relationship is going downhill and will likely end up as a failure.

#10. You Like Someone Else.


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If you find yourself drooling over another guy or girl, fantasizing about being with him and seem to forget all about your current relationship, maybe it’s time to move on and go after the person who will make your heart sing.

P.S – These ten signs are not just for women. The same advice can be taken by men.

Know of someone who is in a dead-end relationship? Then help them by sharing this so they can move on with their lives.

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