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Love Beaches But Hate Crowds? These Gorgeous Secluded Beaches Are Perfect For You!





When going on a vacation, the beach is easily the favorite place to go to. But what if you love beaches but hate that the crowds populate them? You always have a choice to go to secluded beaches that nature has to offer.

If you need to escape from the bustling city life and get away from the crowds without sacrificing the “Vitamin Sea,” you ought to go to these secluded beaches. Here are 12 of them, waiting to be explored.

#1. Kalanggaman Island, Philippines

Kalanggaman is considered the most beautiful beach the province of Leyte, Philippines has to offer. The postcard-perfect virgin island with its powder white sand, clear waters, and cool breeze is certainly a virtual place very close to heaven.

Source: toddumpa

What makes this island unique from others is its long sandbars that are stretching on both sides of the island. The one hour boat ride to the island may be a bit challenging but it is all worth it when you finally set foot on this paradise.

Source: marcpiramide

If you want to forget your troubles for a day or if you want to have a quick getaway with your loved ones, Kalanggaman is definitely the place to go.

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