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16-Year-Old Schoolgirl Who Ran Away To Become ISIS Bride Gets Captured In Mosul

Her mother said Linda was brainwashed and persuaded to go to Syria,


A schoolgirl from Germany who ran away from home for her ISIS lover was captured by Iraqi forces in the ruins of Mosul. She and 20 other suspected foreign female ISIS members were found in a tunnel under the Old City.

Linda Wenzel, 16, reportedly joined the notorious group after being radicalized online. Police investigators believe the girl fell in love with a Muslim man she met online, who convinced her to move to Syria and join him.

Her identity is not established yet but authorities believe this ISIS sniper is Wenzel.

Source: Metro
Iraqi forces found her looking pale and covered in dust.

Source: Metro

Wenzel was living with her mother Katharina and stepfather Thomas in the small town of Pulsnitz. She was raised in a Protestant family. However, a few months before her disappearance, she showed interest in Islam.

She converted to Islam in the spring of 2016 and started learning Arabic, wearing more conservative clothing and bringing Koran to school. She then disappeared after telling her parents she’s staying at her friend’s house during a weekend.

Katharina told The Telegraph that Linda has completely hidden her connections to ISIS. After her disappearance, Mrs Wenzel found a tablet computer with a second Facebook account in Linda’s room. Linda used the second account to communicate with people in the Middle East without her parents’ knowledge.

She also shared disturbing messages such as:

“Pray, the end is approaching.”

Her mother said Linda was brainwashed and persuaded to go to Syria.

Source: Metro

Katharina said:

“I am devastated by the fact that she was apparently completely brainwashed and persuaded to leave the country by someone and that she managed to hide it from me.”

Posing as her mother, Linda was able to travel to Istanbul and crossed down to Turkey’s border with Syria with the help of an Islamist group connected to ISIS.

It is not yet clear if the girl and the other women will be tried on Iraq courts or will be deported to their countries. They were believed to be female fighters. The Iraqi forces discovered them in the ruins armed with weapons and suicide belts, presumably used to assault soldiers.


Video Shows Iraqi Troops Allegedly Executing ISIS Militants by Throwing Them Over a Cliff

The footage shows uniformed men throwing an unarmed man over a cliff, shooting him afterwards.

This shocking video has been circulating online and has been gaining mixed reactions from netizens everywhere. Allegedly, the footage shows Iraqi troops executing suspected Islamic State militants in the area of Mosul by throwing them over cliffs and shooting them.

The government of Iraq has since launched an investigation regarding the matter. An interior ministry spokesman also mentioned that if it’s verified to be authentic, then those who are involved in the killings will be brought to justice.

Human rights groups claim they’ve received numerous reports from witnesses regarding executions and torture in Mosul.

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Police Allows K9 Unit To Continue Biting The Arm of Already Handcuffed Suspect

According to San Diego PD, the dog simply adhered to the department’s policy.

Bystanders were shocked to see a K9 unit biting off the arm of a suspect who was already down on the ground and handcuffed. The handler was unable to control his dog, which appears to be intent on latching on to the suspect’s arm.

The man, who was arrested in San Diego, California, sustained a large open wound after the dog wouldn’t let go of his forearm. The incident was captured and posted on Facebook by netizen Angel Nunez.

Nunez wrote about the video:

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Teen Dies After Getting Electrocuted by Cell Phone In Bath Tub

Madison Coe’s family is warning others never to use their cellphones while taking a bath.

The authorities are investigating the death of a 14-year-old girl in Texas who was electrocuted while taking a bath because she was using her cell phone. The family and friends of Madison Coe are mourning her untimely demise in an apparent mishap while taking a bath in the tub.

Madison died at her father's house in New Mexico. According to the investigations, it's either she was using the cell phone while plugged or she grabbed the cell phone while inside the tub.

Madison Coe, 14, an intelligent and active teenager.

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