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Is It OK To Reserve a Parking Spot By Physically Standing In It?

What’s your opinion about this practice?


It already sounds ridiculous from the get-go but you’d be surprised how this stupid practice has unexpectedly become more common than it should nowadays. As you can tell from the headline, yes, there are some people out there who try to reserve a parking lot by standing on the spot.

Understandably, it’s something that has been causing arguments among people. It isn’t appropriate for a pedestrian to simply stand on a space and claims to reserve it without an actual vehicle, right?

Well there are some who actually believe otherwise!

Some people are reserving parking slots by physically standing on the spot.

Of course, basic etiquette tells us that parking spaces are usually on a first-come first serve basis, unless the parking management implements formal reservation policies. This is the common practice whether it is a public or private parking area.

But it isn’t illegal to stand and reserve, you ask? Well this might sound surprising to some but there are actually countries where doing that it is against the law and, therefore, punishable.

In Honolulu, Hawaii, saving a spot by standing in it is prohibited.

Source: ParisInfo

According to the Honolulu Police Department, “violators can face a fine of $70”.

Okay or unacceptable? Ultimately, the answer depends on where you are.

Source: ParkAssist

But when you do so (for instance, to reserve a spot for your friends while they circle the vehicle around), you have to consider certain matters.

To begin with, you need to mind your safety. Plus yeah, you might as well be prepared about getting into a confrontation with other drivers like in the footage below.

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Of course, it is also worth-noting that in 2006, a man from San Francisco ended up losing his life after a parking space clash regarding the practice, SF Gate reported.


Engagement Rings Are Out, Dermal Piercings on Fingers Are In

This looks painful, though.

Trends on Instagram are not slowing down. Now, many users are sharing photos of a new accessorizing trend that looks painful: dermal piercings on fingers (also called finger dermal) in lieu of engagement rings.

It seems that traditional jewelry are going out of style for some people. With finger dermal, it looks like the diamond or crystal is floating on top of the skin after the base is secured and the decorative stone is placed on it.

People are piercing diamonds and other precious stones into their ring finger in place of traditional engagement rings and wedding bands.

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Ben Affleck Gets Mocked For Massive, Ugly Back Tattoo

Ben Affleck is short for Benjamin Awfulback.

Before Ben Affleck became the Batman, he was known for portraying a number of characters. One of these saw him wearing a back tattoo which he said was not real and meant for a movie. Apparently, he lied.

The myth about Affleck’s tattoo started a few years ago, around the same time he broke up with his former wife Jennifer Garner. During that time, Affleck told everyone that the tattoo was merely for a new film and that it was in no way real.

But judging from this picture, the myth is pretty much true after all.

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Kid Gets Surprise After No One Shows Up To His ‘Stranger Things’ Birthday Party

Why would you even think of not going to such badass birthday party?

Just like any other kid, Aaron Alambat wanted his birthday to be celebrated with a bang. He decided to put a theme built around Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things.” Sadly, no one showed up.

His themed party had a Demogorgon blood punch, a kickass cake, and decorations based on the show. Although the motif created the perfect atmosphere, not a single one of his classmates showed up. Everyone, despite receiving invitations, just decided to give Aaron’s party a miss.

It's a pretty upsetting experience to have no one show up to your Stranger Things-themed party.

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