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Private Investigator Reveals 4 Tell-Tale Signs of a Cheating Husband





Apart from love, marriage needs trust – a lot of it actually. However, as time passes by, we tend to be more insecure with our significant others. We start to doubt their actions and thus result in questions like “where were you last night?” And if you have been married for too long, you know this is only part and parcel of marriage.

Today, however, we will talk about the most popular signs of a cheating husband. And this is all thanks to David King, the managing director of Lipstick Investigations. He explains that women who come to them for help are right in about 80 percent of all cases. How exactly? Well, it appears that wives are capable of spotting details that their husbands do not give a damn about.

So, without further ado, here are the 4 signs that your husband is cheating on you. (We hope that you do not see them on him, though).

#1. He Starts to Take Care of Himself

Remember when your husband barely wears the nicest of suits? Or perhaps he do not care what kind of shoes he wears as long as it is presentable? This is usually the case with men who have nothing to hide. But the moment he changes the way he looks, it is already a sign that he is into something odd. He now has a new cologne, a new clothing style, and a new haircut. If you think and feel that he barely wants to spend time with you, then, chances are, he is cheating.

#2. Setting up a Password on His Phone

Setting up a password is always a good idea. After all, it is for security purposes. But if this is something that he did not care about it in the past, then why now? It is definitely a worrying sign! Remember: This alone means that he, in one way or another, desires some private space. And if your relationship is really built on trust, then he would not set up passwords.

#3. Anger and Aggression

They say fights and arguments are very normal in any relationship, most especially in marriage. Yes, it is normal. It only becomes the opposite if he gets angry and frustrated all the time. When you try to ask him about work, he smirks and gets angry. If you try to take his phone, he shouts at you and says not to. His behavior is probably due to the possibility that he is guilty, and for him to justify his actions, he will have to blame you.

#4. Going Out Without You

The last sign that your husband is cheating on you is him wanting to leave without you. Gone are the days when he would invite you to a movie or dinner outside. Instead, he would find a way or reason to go out without you. This is really a worrying sign, and as a wife, you should be alarmed. There is a high chance that he already found someone new, and he just thinks you do not notice it.

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