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These “Portable Islands” Will Let the Filthy-Rich Create Getaways Anywhere in the World





Who says you can’t create your own getaway anywhere on Earth? With the world’s first portable islands, you can take your very own paradise anywhere you desire.

Amillarah Private Islands will be offering portable islands in all shapes and sizes and will adhere to every customer’s need. Its renderings include options such as greenery, swimming pools, and even docks.

According to Christie’s International Real Estate CEO Dan Conn:

“Buyers are able to customise the size, shape and style of their residence within the broadest range of locations, beginning with this first opportunity in the Maldives.”

Created by Koen Olthuis, famed Dutch architect, the design utilizes a state-of-the-art technology to keep environmental impact to a minimum. The project is overseen by Dutch Docklands, a company that is already developing 10 properties with the government of Maldives. Dutch Docklands teamed up with Christie’s International Real Estate for the revolutionary project. Aside from its developments in Maldives, the company is set to develop 33 islands in Dubai and 30 in Miami.

Rick Moeser, Christie’s International Real Estate Senior Vice President, said:

“Each of these homes is an eco-friendly work of art that can be lived in, allowing consumers to not only create, but enjoy whatever kind of paradise they desire.”

Amillarah Private Islands is the company behind the grand plan getaways.


Photo credit: Mirror UK
Although the islands may look too luxurious, it will be self-sustaining and eco-friendly.


Photo credit: Mirror UK
The design will adhere to every customer’s needs.


Photo credit: Mirror UK
Island owners can enjoy amenities such as greenery, swimming pools, and even docks.


Photo credit: Mirror UK
Amillarah Private Islands will be offering portable islands in all shapes and sizes.


Photo credit: Mirror UK

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