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Photographer Visits Chernobyl, Shows Us What It Looks Like Today





It’s been over three decades since the Chernobyl nuclear accident occured in Soviet Union. The tragic explosion happened back in April 1986 when an explosion occured during an intentional late-night power shut down to conduct safety tests. Fire resulted and Europe had to suffer from an updraft of radioactive materials for the next 9 days

According to history, Chernobyl is the most catastrophic nuclear power plant accident ever, in terms of casualties and damages. Now 32 years later, a photographer from Bucharest, Romania visited the site and took some photos to show us what the place looks like now.

Photographer Ana Dumitru visited Chernobyl and captured her experience through pictures.

In a BoredPanda feature, Dumitru shared:

“I always wanted to visit this place. And in March 2018 I finally got here.

“I must tell you that the Chernobyl town is inhabited by the power plant workers. The power plant is still functional, except the reactor number 4.

“There are some very strict rules if you want to visit the city of Prypiat, that is complete abandoned. For example, you are not allowed to touch anything, no vegetation, no pets, you are not allowed to drink water or eat food from the zone. Also, you are not allowed to eat when you are in Prypiat. You must wear boots, long pants and long sleeve blouse. And also is better to wear a mask, normal mask, so that you don’t inhale the radioactive dust and many more other rules that you must respect. AND most important you are not allowed to enter the buildings, because are in advanced stage of degradation and it may collapse or you can end injured because many things are collapsing in the buildings.”

Scroll down below to see more of Dumitru’s images:

#1. At The Kindergarden

#2. Another Kindergarden That Has A Room Full Of Gas Masks For Kids

#3. A Used Gas Mask Found In One Of The Schools In Prypiat

#4. This Is The Monument Dedicated To The “Liquidators”. Liquidators Are More Than 800,000 People Who Have Been Working On Cleaning Up Contaminated Areas

#5. Time To Sleep

#6. Maternity Section

#7. The Hospital’s Maternity Section

#8. An Unfinished Cooling Tower

#9. Also In The Kindergarden

#10. A Room From The Hospital

#11. Kid’s Toys

#12. One Of The Hospital Salons

The photographer continued:

“The vegetation is taking back its place and many trees began to grow through the concrete walls.

“SO… when you get there you have a feeling that the time stopped 32 years ago. Almost everything is left untouched. So you realise how small and fragile we are. You can die at any moment or you can leave all of your earnings in one place, where you never come back and you must start again only with the clothes that are you wearing.

“It’s thrilling to be there and see… no words can describe. You are invaded by emotions.”

To see more of Ana Dumitru’s images, go check out her official Facebook page.

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