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Another Simple Yet Amazing Life Hack: How To Peel A Hard Boiled Egg in Seconds.

I’ve been doing it wrong all the time!

Breakfast is sometimes incomplete without eggs. It’s part somehow of every family’s preparation like a morning routine perhaps and everyone from kids to adults have their own favorites — scrambled, sunny side up or hard-boiled egg.

My forever personal favorite would be hard-boiled eggs, that doesn’t include the “peeling” part though. I’m sure everyone can relate to how it becomes a pain most of the time trying to peel off the shell, getting rid of those tiny flakes sticking to the egg and not being able do it perfectly without damaging it. I tell you, the struggle is real.

The good thing is another great mind has come up with this very simple but helpful life hack about how to peel a hard-boiled egg in seconds  just by shaking it. All you need is a glass with about half an inch of water, place the egg inside and shake. In just a few seconds, voila, your hard-boiled egg is ready!

Let’s see how it’s done here.

Watch the video and enjoy:

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I swear I’m going to try this!


Bartender Shows a Brilliant Way to Sneak Alcohol into a Cruise Ship.

I’m so gonna try this…


If you are planning to spend your vacation in a cruise ship, expect that they will not allow you to bring any kind of alcohol on board. In this way, you will be compelled to buy it from them. Unfortunately, the prices are too high. That is why they basically make big profit on alcohol sales.

Fortunately, there is a brilliant way of sneaking the alcohol inside the cruise ship undetectable. The technique is just simple. You don’t need to become a skilled barista or bartender in order to do it.

The video below will show how you can sneak a vodka on board a cruise ship. You only need a bottle of Listerine brand mouthwash and food coloring. The result is an alcoholic mixture that looks exactly like the color of the mouthwash. What a clever trick!...

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Introducing The Hover Bike of the Future, a Real Life Star Wars Speeder Bike.

Hoverbike is a revolution in aviation, designed to do what a helicopter does, but cost less and do so better.


Are you a huge fan of Star Wars? Do you remember Darth Vader or Anakin Skywalker, C-3PO, Queen Amidala and the rest of the fictional characters from the movie? If you do then you couldn't miss the speeder bike also known as "hover bike" appearing in Star Wars VI-Return of the Jedi and other episodes.

A speeder bike is an open-air repulsorlift vehicle usually carrying one or two passengers. It emphasized speed and maneuverability over conventional speeders. Meanwhile, the real life hover bike is designed to do what a helicopter does yet costs less and do so better.

I'm sure all Star Wars fans and bike geeks out there couldn't wait for such innovative and futuristic invention. Good news is that the hover bike is nearing its reality and we never know, sooner or later we can ride and fly one someday....

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Baby Squirrel Was Introduced To A Mother Cat. What Happens Next?AMAZING!

I just felt my heart melt.


Humans, particularly mothers have this strong maternal instinct and how they can be nurturing to their children in the most natural way is just so fascinating. Another great thing is how big the resemblance is between a human mother and non-humans when it comes to caring for a child, more so to those who are not of their own kind.

See what happened to this baby squirrel, an orphan who needs the love and care of a mother and was given exactly that by this mother cat. She just gave birth to a bunch of adorable kittens when the animal workers decided to introduce another cute baby squirrel to their group.

What was supposed to be a little experiment turned into a heartwarming moment when the mother cat gladly accepted the baby squirrel like her own. She started holding, licking and nursing the baby like it was the most natural thing to do. What an amazing mother!...

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