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Another Simple Yet Amazing Life Hack: How To Peel A Hard Boiled Egg in Seconds.





Breakfast is sometimes incomplete without eggs. It’s part somehow of every family’s preparation like a morning routine perhaps and everyone from kids to adults have their own favorites — scrambled, sunny side up or hard-boiled egg.

My forever personal favorite would be hard-boiled eggs, that doesn’t include the “peeling” part though. I’m sure everyone can relate to how it becomes a pain most of the time trying to peel off the shell, getting rid of those tiny flakes sticking to the egg and not being able do it perfectly without damaging it. I tell you, the struggle is real.

The good thing is another great mind has come up with this very simple but helpful life hack about how to peel a hard-boiled egg in seconds  just by shaking it. All you need is a glass with about half an inch of water, place the egg inside and shake. In just a few seconds, voila, your hard-boiled egg is ready!

Let’s see how it’s done here.

Watch the video and enjoy:

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I swear I’m going to try this!

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