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He Was Walking by a Half-Frozen Lake, When He Saw Something that Made Him Jump!





It seems like people are finding quite a lot of things from frozen lakes, such as the “alien eggs” in Utah. This time, two friends from Norway found something in the half-frozen lake that made one of them jump immediately.

Lars Jørun Langøien and Yngvil Søholt were strolling by and taking pictures, when Lars spotted a little duck waddling through the thin sheet of ice. The duck fell in the frigid waters and became trapped. Without second thoughts, Lars jumped after the duck for rescue. Never minding the frozen waters, Lars swam and scooped up the duck. It was unresponsive and Lars had to pump its heart, massage it and even give it resuscitation.

The thing that made Lars jump in the waters…


Photo credit: Facebook: Yngvil Søholt
The duck fell through the waters and was trapped under the ice.


Photo credit: Facebook: Yngvil Søholt
Without second thoughts, Lars the jumped in the lake to rescue the duck


Photo credit: Facebook: Yngvil Søholt
Lars successfully got the duck out the waters, but is it already too late?


Photo credit: Facebook: Yngvil Søholt
Not giving up on the duck, Lars did everything he can to revive it.


Photo credit: Facebook: Yngvil Søholt
He has to provide it some warmth


Photo credit: Facebook: Yngvil Søholt
Luckily, the little duck was revived!


Photo credit: Facebook: Yngvil Søholt

Kudos to Lars for valuing the life even of a little duck. He is truly an unsung hero and this just shows that there are still some people who value nature and everything in it.

Would you have jumped a frozen lake and rescue a duck too just like he did?

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