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“My Mom is a LIAR!” A Heart Touching Tribute to All Devoted Mothers Out There

The last LIE she told will bring you to tears.

Bernadette Carillo





Motherhood is both a responsibility and a blessing. Every day, there are 255 children born per minute, which translates to around 4.3 babies every second. These figures roughly mirror the number of “heroes” who decided to leave single life behind and take on the challenging task of being a mother. Unfortunately, these women are the genuine brave souls we seldom give recognition to. They are the silent workers we forget to appreciate and acknowledge.

Oftentimes, children become accustomed to the fact that their mothers are always by their side, so much so that they take mothers for granted. Mothers, who sacrifice a lot for their children without expecting anything in return. They always put their children’s welfare first that they even resort to lying just for their children’s sake.

This heartwarming story is a perfect reminder of what our mothers are willing to give up just to see us happy.

Eight Lies our Mothers Told Us

This story began when I was a child. I was born into a poor family which, most of the time, did not have enough food to fill our hungry stomachs. Whenever meal times came, mother would often give me her portion of rice. While she transfers her rice into my bowl, she would always say, “Eat this rice, son. I’m not hungry.”

That was Mother’s First Lie.

When I was growing up, my persevering mother spent her spare time fishing in a river near our house, hoping that the fish she caught could provide a little bit of nutrition needed for my growth. After fishing, she would cook some fresh fish soup, which stimulated my appetite. Oftentimes, while I partake of the soup, mother would sit beside me and eat the remaining parts left on the bone of the fish I had eaten. My heart gets deeply touched when I see that, so I use my fork and give the other fish portion to her. But she always refuses and tells me, “Eat the fish, son. I don’t really like fish.”

That was Mother’s Second Lie.

Then, when I was in Junior High School, to fund my studies, mother went to an economic enterprise to bring home some used match boxes that would need to be stuck together. It gave her some money to cover our needs. One night, as the winter came, I woke up from my sleep and saw my mother who was still awake, sticking some used match boxes by the candlelight. I said, “Mother, go to sleep. It’s late and tomorrow morning you still have to go to work.” Mother smiled and said, “Go to sleep, dear. I’m not tired.”

That was Mother’s Third Lie.

The final term arrived and Mother asked for leave from work in order to accompany me. My mother waited for me patiently, under the heat for several hours, to finish my exam. As the bell rang, which indicated that the final exam had finished, mother immediately welcomed me and poured me a cup of tea that she brought in a flask. Seeing my mother covered with perspiration from standing too long under the sun, I at once gave her my cup and asked her to drink too. However, mother pushed the cup back to me and said, “Drink, son. I’m not thirsty! ”

That was Mother’s Fourth Lie.

After the death of my father due to illness, my poor mother had to provide for us as a single parent. She had to fund our needs alone. Our family’s life became more complicated and no day went by without some form of suffering. Our family’s condition was getting worse, but we were blessed with a kind uncle who lived near our house and assisted every now and then. Our neighbors often advised my mother to marry again, but mother was stubborn and didn’t heed their advice, saying, “I don’t need love.”

That was Mother’s Fifth Lie.

After I had finished my studies and got a job, it was the time for my old mother to retire. But she didn’t want to; she would go to the market place every morning, just to sell some vegetables to support her needs. I, who worked in another city, often sent her some money to help her, but she would not accept the money. At times, she even sent the money back to me, saying, “I have enough money.”

That was Mother’s Sixth Lie.

Since I already had a Bachelor’s Degree, I decided to pursue a Master’s Degree funded by a company through a scholarship program. Consequently, I was given an opportunity to work in that company. Finally, with a good enough salary, I intended to bring my mother to live with me so that she could enjoy her life in the Gulf. But my lovely mother didn’t want to bother her son. She said to me, “I’m not used to that kind of life, son.”

That was Mother’s Seventh Lie.

In her old age, mother got stomach cancer and had to be hospitalized. I, who lived miles away and across the ocean, went home to visit my dearest mother. She laid weak on her bed after having an operation. Mother, who looked so old, was staring at me in deep thought. She tried to put on a warm smile for me, but it took a considerable effort on her part. Looking so frail and weak, it was evident that the disease had ravaged my mother’s body. Not even bothering to wipe the tears flowing freely from my eyes, I stared at my mother, and my heart hurt so much. But mother, with the little strength she had remaining, said, “Don’t cry, my dear. I’m not in pain.”

That was Mother’s Eighth and Last Lie.

After saying her eighth lie, my dearest mother closed her eyes forever.

~ Author Unknown

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For those of you who are lucky to be still blessed with your mother’s presence on Earth, this story is both a beautiful lesson and a gentle reminder – to treasure your mother as much as you still can.

When was the last time you thought about your parents? Worried about whether they have eaten or not? Worried about whether they are happy or not? When was the last time you thanked them? Don’t forget to call or hug your mother while you still have a chance.

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Mom Served A Burnt Toast For Dinner But Dad’s Reaction Is Incredibly Touching

A very good lesson about life…. A must read for everyone.

I’ve read about this story a long time ago. I can’t remember when and where. I’m not even sure whether the story is true or not, but it serves a meaningful purpose. This simple story is a true definition of parents setting a great example for their kids. They teach their kids how to be great adults by showing them how to be one. The lesson is pretty simple yet very important. We should learn to take the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of our lives and see the positive side of things.

I wish every couple would get a chance to read this incredibly touching story.


When I was about eight or nine, my mom liked to cook food and every now and then I remember she used to cook for us.

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If there is a single question that most stay-at-home mothers get asked all too often, it’s got to be “what do you do all day?” And quite frankly, that kind of question isn’t always appreciated.

Besides, it kinda sends a discriminatory tone that such moms aren’t contributing much just because they are not employed full-time at the moment.

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What do you think about when you hear the word motherhood? Motherhood is one of the greatest blessings a woman can receive. Motherhood equates to unconditional love. This is one of the most difficult professions in the world because it comes along with great responsibilities. Raising babies and children can test the patience of parents, it can also be challenging but at the same time, they give so much happiness that makes every effort worth it.

Motherhood is love and joy. It is when you are able to learn more things, like being strong for the children and being able to do something you never thought is possible. Parenthood is how you love through the ups and down, and the love you give lasts a lifetime from birth to eternity. It is something you choose and love despite the challenges life brings, a treasure you will forever cherish.

Below are illustrations from Natalia Sabransky, she is from Argentina. Natalia is a wife and a new mother. Her husband is Gaston and his son is named Santiago. She posted her illustrations in her website Mama Ilustrada because she wanted other moms to relate about everyday motherhood experiences and make mothers feel that they are not alone. The characters in her drawings are played by her, his husband and son. Natalia Sabransky wants to encourage moms about their role and let them see themselves in her illustrations.

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