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Couple Together For 56 Years Shows What Love Really Means. This is So SWEET!





Marriage is a lifetime commitment and while some couples who vowed to stay together ended up in separate ways for different reasons, others are blessed to be in a strong and lasting relationship as husband and wife. There is no specific formula in love and marriage because I believe that we live by our choices and without any restriction or rule we still love anyway.

Being married for 56 long years is a great choice but it is also very evident that love is the reason why Kim and Bob are still together and happily married. Love radiates between the two and the years only taught them to be exactly where they want to be, with each other.

Here’s the catch though. What if  they will be asked to describe their feelings for each other without using the word love? Can they even do it? This is what happened when Kim and Bob were challenged by Hallmark to sit down and respond to the big question. They were interviewed separately and right after they sat together and watched the recorded  video of each of them revealing their answers. While they thought they already heard everything one has to say about the other, they were in for a huge surprise. Their reactions especially Bob’s touched me and what they had to say is by far the sweetest and  most genuine thing.

Valentine’s day is just around the corner so let’s listen to these real life couple and believe in love again.

Watch the heartwarming video:

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I bet the video got you wishing for someone to grow old with just like Bob and Kim

Credits: hallmarkcards

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