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Man’s Whole Body Was Left Riddled With Worms After Eating a Popular Raw Food





How would you feel if you find out that one of your most favorite food in this world almost killed a person? This is the case of a man from Guangdong province in China. After a short visit to his doctor, the man has seen what could have been the most horrific body scans any person could have. The culprit, you ask? Well it’s the sashimi!

According to a report by the DailyMail, the Chinese man had been complaining of stomach pain, vomiting, and itchy skin. He later visited his doctor and was surprised to find out what was causing the gastric discomfort.

This Chinese man has discovered the horrors of having too much of his favorite sashimi.

The supposedly short visit to Guangzhou No. 8 People’s Hospital had led to a revelation of an entire host of tapeworm embedded all over his body.

A Chinese man's scan revealed throngs of tapeworm in his body.


Because no doctors could explain the reason for this, new studies were carried out. The research revealed that his excessive love for raw fish had been the catalyst for the horrific infestation. Apparently, tapeworms’ eggs can contaminate uncooked food and when it does, blood stream infestations like this one can happen.

With the increasing popularity of sushi and sashimi (slice of raw fish), characterized by the throngs of diners and restaurants serving this delectable plates of mouth-watering signature rolls, it really is a hard sell.

Would you say that this delectable platter of signature rolls is enough for you to take the risk?


It is no surprise, because its fast preparation and delightful presentation continues to attract many food lovers everywhere.

How about you? Would you risk your health to enjoy your favorite food? Share your thoughts with us!

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