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Jobless Man Made $15 Million Dollars By Diving for Lost Golf Balls in a Pond





Amazing. Inspirational. Brilliant. Who would have known that diving for lost golf balls could turn a once unemployed man’s life around?

People say that there’s a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. But, for Glenn Berger, he obtained his fortune in a pond.

This Florida man used to steal golf balls out of a golf course lake near his home about 14 years ago.


Photo credit: Caters TV

However, Berger realized that it wasn’t the right way to live. So, he decided to turn his business venture into a more honest one.

“I was partially unemployed, and I was stealing golf balls out of a golf course lake where I lived, and I realized that wasn’t the way to make money,” he said.

Berger resells the golf balls he collects from a pond after cleaning them. In a year, he collects approximately 1.3 to 1.7 million balls, which he sells for $1 to $2 dollars each to golf courses around Florida. Berger has already earned $15 million dollars in sales.

His career is not as easy as it seems. Berger has encountered threats on the job.


Photo credit: Caters TV

“I really don’t like to talk about alligators, but they happen and you learn how to deal with them,” Berger said. “Scuba diving is a dangerous sport as it is. People can usually see. I can’t see. So I have fish, snakes, turtles and all those fun things running into me all the time.”

Considering the amount of cash golf ball divers earn in a year, don’t you think it’s a lucrative job? Apparently, there are 100 full-time golf divers in Florida.

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