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Devastated Mom Sings A Heartbreaking Song To Comfort Her Dying Daughter





Diseases come to struck our families in the most unexpected and heartbreaking way. When health is at risk and life in endangered, we can’t help but go down the drain and lose our faith. For family members assigned to the care of their sick relatives, the easiest thing to do is give up and care less, thinking that death is eventual. But not for Lindsey’s mom.

Lindsey Lourenco, an 18-year-old girl, has been sick with leukemia. She was diagnosed with this terminal disease, and eventually deteriorated into a comatose state. Although her communication skills have diminished, her mother would still want to express her support and love to her daughter. She wrote a very touching song and sang it to Lindsey while sitting at her hospital bedside. Truly, the love of a mother lasts even to the final days of her child, and transcends through and beyond time and space.

Watch the very touching video here:

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