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After Kanye, Lindsay Lohan Reveals Possible 2020 Presidential Bid

Does Lindsay have your vote?

Mini Malabanan





Lindsay Lohan had just dropped a bomb in her Instagram account.

The Mean Girls actress, supposedly inspired by US President Barack Obama and rapper Kanye West, announced a possible 2020 Presidential bid on her Instagram page.

Apparently, Lohan believes her “34 years of experience” makes her deserving to be the president of the United States.

Just recently, the Yeezus rapper also announced his intention to run for the highest office in the very near future. Apparently, this motivated the Hollywood star to move into the world of politics.

Of course, many assumed Lohan’s post was just one big joke. However, Lohan released a series of posts seemingly outlining the details of her declaration.

Like any other presidential candidate, Lohan revealed her key platform.

The 29-year-old embattled actress even compared herself to Gandhi. This may seem legit as Gandhi was imprisoned for six years, mainly for sedition. Meanwhile, La Lohan was in and out of the jail for a combination of alcohol and drug offenses.

Unfortunately for Lohan, her plan may not work as she would only be 34 years old by November 2020. You need to be 35 to be elected president or vice president in America.

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White Guy Gets Fired From Marketing Job After Posting Racist Selfie With Co-Worker’s Black Son

One user commented “I didn’t know you were a slave owner.” Things started to get ugly from there!

Mark Andrew



What’s worse than being a racist? Well, probably being racist to an innocent little child.

This is a story about a white guy named Gerod Roth who took a selfie of himself and his co-worker's son without even asking for permission. Eventually, he uploaded the photo on Facebook and that’s how things started to take a turn for the worst.

What’s so bad about it, you ask? Well, Roth’s friends started to comment on his picture with 3-year-old Cayden and the words were completely distasteful.

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A Man Died After Biting Fellow Passenger on Aer Lingus Flight

It is believed that the man, who exhibited extreme violence during the flight, became unwell and unconscious after being restrained.

Mini Malabanan



A 24-year-old Brazilian man passed away onboard Aer Lingus flight bound to Dublin after biting another passenger.

It is believed that John Kennedy dos Santos Gurjao, who exhibited extreme violence during the flight, became unwell and unconscious after being restrained.

A postmortem examination disclosed that John ingested 0.8kg of suspected cocaine.

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Real or Paranormal? Mysterious ‘Ghost City’ Seen Floating Over China

Thousands have recently reported sightings of a mysterious “Ghost City” floating over China. Scientists confirmed that the sightings are real… but not the way you may think.

Faye Williams



Thousands of people have recently reported sightings of a mysterious "Ghost City" floating over China.

The first sighting of the so-called "Ghost City" happened over Foshan in the Guangdong province of China. Days later, residents of the province of Jiangxi, China, also saw a similar city seemingly emerging from the clouds.

Naturally, the curious phenomenon got conspiracy theorists all excited.

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