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This Poor Dog Called “Gargoyle” was Deformed from Abuse. Now He’s Got a Second Chance.





While most of us celebrate the kindness and heroism of our pet dogs by showering them with love and affection, there are still those people who don’t know their true value. Those apathetic and irresponsible men and women adopt dogs for the sake of having a guard in the house or a “plaything” that they could torture for the sake of their twisted sense of humor. How repulsive!

Those unfortunate animals are abused physically, emotionally, and psychologically and it’s truly heartbreaking. Like this pit bull named Landis, who was forcibly kept in a very small cage that stunted his growth.

Consequently, the 2-year-old pup’s legs bent and his spine curved. The initial examinations revealed that Landis suffered from ruptured tendons in all his four legs.

Due to the deformity, he was nicknamed "Gargoyle".


Photo credit: Project Landis
An animal shelter asked help from Second Chance Rescue to save the poor pup.


Photo credit: Project Landis
Landis still has a warm personality despite the abuse and torture he experienced.


Photo credit: Project Landis
He is quickly adjusting to the love and attention being showered upon him.


Photo credit: Project Landis
The pup is also showing great progress.


Photo credit: Project Landis
Although his hind legs have greatly improved, his front legs will probably require surgery.


Photo credit: Project Landis
Thanks to the efforts of everyone under Second Chance Rescue…


Photo credit: Project Landis
Landis can live a happier life.


Photo credit: Project Landis

Hundreds of people have shown interest in adopting Landis, but, unfortunately, he hasn’t been cleared for adoption yet.

You can follow Landis’ progress on Facebook.

H/T: SFGlobe

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