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This Kid Thought No One Was Watching. Then His Mom Caught Him Doing THIS!

What a talented little kid! Must watch!


Kids dancing sure are adorable to watch. We’re not sure if it’s the awkward moves or the plain cuteness that make people entertained so much, but one thing is certain – we love good clips of kids dancing! But in this video we found, it is certain that the entertainment factor comes from pure talent. A mom discovered that his son can dance so well to Michael Jackson’s hit song, “Thriller,” so she rolled the tape and started filming.

You will not believe how at such a young age, this kid can bust a move like no other toddler can. The licks and clicks of the dance steps were there, not to mention the sharpness of every head turn and shoulder shake. It surely is NOT your average kid dancing to some random tune. This kid’s got great potential and we do hope to see more of his videos in the future, and maybe make a career out of his amazing talent!

Watch the video here:

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Credits: AFV Kids via Little Things


This Man Rewarded Two Exceptional People For Providing Him Good Customer Service.

Just when you thought most customer service representatives are bad.

We've all had bad experiences with customer service representatives one way or the other. There are those who are simply rude, lazy, and downright obnoxious.

Sometimes I wonder if those people just feel miserable about what they are doing or maybe they're just too exhausted to care for whatever it is we need or search for. Just imagine attending to other people's needs all the time, I mean, they must have loads of problems too, right?

Nevertheless, we get irritated with their unacceptable behavior  because yes, everyone's got a problem and that's never an excuse for behaving badly towards others (especially when you're in that line of work).

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People Never Understand the Rants of Red Flag Days Until This Guy Did This!

If she’s on her period!

While a lot of dudes oftentimes, if not always, misinterpret “dudetes”, there is still a handful out there who luckily understand the same wavelength women have to go through upon weathering their red flag days.

Thankfully, as hilarious as it may sound, this guy summarized pretty much all there is to know when Mr. Red came knocking at a woman’s door and boy are they both comedian yet awesomely genuine! Well, if you are looking for the right kind of guy then he just might be a keeper.

Watch the video:

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This Romantic Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend in The Most Amazing Way Possible!

What a man!

Fairy tales exist! This is what a 35-year-old resident of Walsall, West Mids proved as he set up the probably most romantic surprise for his long-time 32-year-old partner named Tara Barber.

Waking up as early as 4:00a.m., Paul Bakewell assisted in decorating his lovey dovey’s usual way to work with a giant billboard that will greet her with a 20ft-tall, 30ft-wide billboard carrying the message: “Tara you've changed my life. Will you marry me?”

Paul Bakewell, set the trends as he proposed with the help of a giant billboard.


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