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He Quit His Job to do THIS… Best Decision EVER!





Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? For Kian Lam, nothing’s stopping him from enjoying the view from the top.  Born art lover and earth wanderer, Lam has dropped all his baggages including his well paid job in exchange of a first-hand global tour.  His reasons? To simply capture the beauty and essence of the earth and put it altogether in a so called photograph and pattern it into a large scale puzzle.

Despite having to set aside his stairway to a stable career in the field of photography, Lam has always thought that beauty is not just for one’s eyes to behold but for a million to share.

Watch the video:

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To date, he has already had a glance on 17 various countries and has collectively gathered 6,000 photos. Guess Lam need not to grow wings to fly, a pair of good lens and view is undoubtedly the pursuit to happiness. Now that’s worth sharing don’t you think? After all, everything is just a click away.

Source: Kien Lam

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