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Female UFC Fighter Poops All Over Herself While Being Choked By Opponent

Because sh*t happens.


MMA fighters have to be really tough to stay in this profession, not just with their skills and strength, but also their self-control. This applies not only to their temper but also to their ability to hold their bowels during a fight. And when shit happens, like literally, they should have the mental fortitude to just laugh it off and charge it to experience.

Justine Kish took a loss at UFC Fight Night 122 when she fought Felice Herrig but it wasn’t the loss itself that was the most humiliating.

In the third round, Justine Kish was clearly struggling against Felice Herrig’s tight clinch.

She miraculously escaped that one but what people saw on the canvas clearly showed how much of a struggle it was for her.

She apparently pooped herself as she was getting out of that brutal choke.

Luckily, the strawweight fighter has a healthy sense of humor and was able to joke about the incident, which would have mortified most people, even MMA fighters.

Justine was able to joke about the whole thing afterwards via Twitter.

As expected, fellow UFC fighters tweeted encouraging words of support for their fallen comrade.

Justine lost via unanimous decision. Felice Herrig dominated the fight with her takedowns and her unfaltering submission attempts. Before the fight, Justine had six consecutive victories and all were actually impressed with how she got out of that choke. She took the whole incident in stride and is already eyeing her comeback after the first loss of her career.

The fight would have been over sooner with the win awarded to Herrig, according to UFC referee John McCarthy. The match would have been stopped as soon as the feces were discovered on the mat during the fight. The win would have been handed automatically via a technical knockout to the one who DID NOT lose control of her bowels or bladder.

This is not the first time that a fighter lose control of his or her bowels during a fight. In 2014, Travis Wolford also pooped on himself during his heavyweight match with Daniel Cooper.


“Half-Human, Half-Lamb” Creature Shocks Villagers in South Africa

Did a human mate with a sheep?!

Birth defects are, unfortunately, becoming more common than ever. Whether it’s climate change or genetic disorders, there are many factors contributing to the very unusual appearances of human and animal babies being born to normal-looking parents. Some defects are so weird the parentage becomes suspicious, like this one in South Africa, where a lamb was born looking half-human, half-animal.

Doctors say that a condition called Rift Valley Fever was the most probable cause of this shocking abnormality. Shocking may be an understatement since its appearance reportedly horrified villagers in Lady Frere in the Eastern Province of South Africa, where it was born.

Take a look...

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Terrifying Pitbull Defends Woman Who Gets Repeatedly ‘Punched’ and ‘Kicked’

The dog did everything he can to fend off the abuser.

Dogs have always, in one way or another, shown their loyalty to their masters. They can do anything just to protect the person who raised and gave love to them. They can be willing to risk dying just to get their masters out of harm’s way. At times, they would even try to defend their masters from an abuser.

Just like this dog in the video below. A bully-type breed of dog is usually regarded as dangerous and vicious. However, this dog’s action proves that dogs are loyal creatures and would even turn against a household member who’s being abusive to other members.

This couple filmed their dog’s reaction to abuse. A woman and her dog was sitting on the couch when a man, assumed to be her husband, gets in the view of the camera. The man then starts fake-hitting the woman on different parts of her body. That’s when the dog started to make a move to defend the woman.

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Desperately Horny Guy “Makes Love” to an Oyster and Disastrously Slices His Male Member

This is what happens to lonely men who choose to satisfy their urges with shellfish.

Oh, the extreme lengths people will go through to satisfy their sex drive, or to find a substitute for the lack of a willing partner. One Singaporean man had a need so urgent that he sourced out a suitable partner from his local seafood market – an oyster.

Granted, the inside of an oyster’s shell looks very similar to female genitalia.

Source: Imgur

It’s soft, pink, tender, and glistening with sticky moisture. More importantly, it has the appropriate slit where an overexcited male member can find relief.

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