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This Woman’s Amazing Transformation Is Our New ‘Fitspiration.’





There is so much weight stigma that obese individuals face on a daily basis and such issue is still prevalent today. Most of them continue to be victims of bullying and biased judgment. But they,
too have their fair share of struggles and inspiring stories to tell.

Laura Micetich, a 25-year-old teacher from Jackson, Tennessee continues to defy the odds when she made an astounding transformation. Dubbed as the ‘Iron Giantess,’ Laura left many people in awe after shedding a staggering 115 pounds through weight lifting. Two years after hitting gym, the 6-foot-tall brunette looked entirely different that others were skeptical about her extreme weight loss–thinking she might have taken weight loss pills or undergone surgery. But she gracefully shut down body shamers with sheer positivity.

“As a kid, people always called me giant, in a positive way, so when I started lifting weights, I embraced the moniker. It was a symbol to me of taking what I already was and making it strong.”

This is what she looks like before deciding to get fit.


And this is Laura now. WOW!


“The turning point was after I had graduated and just came out of a four year relationship,” Laura shares.


After starting her degree, Laura considered surgery who was weighing 300 pounds then.


It was a result of binge eating through sugary snacks and secretly indulging in unhealthy food.


“It was a bit of addiction. It wasn’t emotional eating, it was just something I did,” she explains.

But Laura’s career as a teacher helped and motivated her even more to stay healthy and become “a role model to her students.”


“I started in my living room, getting halfway through YouTube videos and taking breathers constantly.”

Until she realized she could lose weight naturally. That’s when Laura turned to exercise and fell in love with weight lifting. Now she goes to the gym 6 times a week.

Documenting her journey on Instagram also played a big part in her amazing transformation.


“There’s a lot of discrimination out there. It’s hard. But what I learnt was to stop victimising myself and to be kind to myself.”

For Laura, staying fit has become a lifestyle now more than merely wanting to shed a few pounds. Only goes to show that nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it. Attagirl!

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