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8 Important Lessons a Father Should Teach His Son

“There is no other relationship quite like that which can and should exist between a boy and his dad.”


Although mothers play a huge role in nurturing and teaching children, fathers likewise have the duty to help shape a child’s upbringing. Besides, both parents have the obligation to work together as equal partners in this crucial responsibility.

So yes, make no mistake about it – there are certain things that a father can teach his children, most specifically his son, and that’s a beautiful thing. As religious leader M. Russell Ballard once said,

“There is no other relationship quite like that which can and should exist between a boy and his dad.”

Brightside’s list of “8 Things Every Father Should Teach His Son” gives us further insight about this topic. Read on and learn…

#1.Teach him the importance of winning – and losing.

Fathers are usually the child’s favorite playmate in the home and play makes an excellent teaching opportunity. While games are a good tool for helping a child “feel the taste of victory and realize how much effort it takes to reach it,” it can also be a way to demonstrate that, yes, “defeats are unavoidable” and there isn’t anything shameful about it as long as you keep going.

#2. Teach him the importance of respecting women.

Setting an example is a crucial role for a father, most especially when it comes to showing respect for womanhood. A son needs to learn this lesson early on in his life from his own dad – “not from friends, not from the internet,” Brightside wrote.

So show it in your word and deed. “Take your son with you to buy flowers for mom,” the article shared.“Go to the store together and politely talk with the cashier so that the child doesn’t hesitate to communicate with unfamiliar women.”

#3.Teach him about love.

Ideally, a son should feel comfortable talking with his father about any topic under the sun. This should, of course, include about matters of the heart. A father raising a teen, for example, should share about his first love and first dates. This not only helps a son get ideas about what to do and what to avoid but also helps develop a stronger bond and build a relationship of trust.

#4.Teach him how and when to fight back.

A wise father will likewise teach his son not only how to fight but to choose his battles well. A boy should grow up with the courage to stand up for what is right and with the wisdom to calmly leave if the fight isn’t just worth it.

#5. Teach him to have his own views of the world.

Although parents should always be on the same boat when it comes to raising a child, it is perfectly acceptable if they have different philosophies and approaches in life. This encourages a child to realize that it’s okay for him to have his own view of things as well.

#6. Enrich his experiences with new sensations.

While mothers are often known for being affectionate and gentle, show him some active ‘masculine’ games such as spinning and tossing. Sure, the mother will likely sit and look in “quiet horror” through all of these but this is a good way to develop his sensations and give him new fun experiences.

#7. Teach him basic “guy things”.

Of course, you should also teach your son basic male stuff such as starting a fire, using a hammer, fishing, or even fixing the car. These skills will come handy and will no doubt boost your kid’s reputation once the need arises.

#8. Teach him to take care of himself.

Lastly, your son should know basic self-care such as cooking, shaving, ironing his clothes, tying a neck tie, and others. Although the internet holds lots of instructional materials for these things, a boy will take great pride when he can proudly say “My dad taught me this.”


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