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Huge Spider Found on Chowking’s Special Vegetable Dish

Would you like a side order of insect on your vegetables?

Mika Castro





It is not only China who can be notorious with food safety issues. Turns out, even commercialized and big fast food chains in the Philippines can commit this food blunder too. A Facebook post by a pregnant lady discovering some insect on her vegetable dish has gone viral. She allegedly bought a boiled vegetable dish with special sauce called Kangkong in the restaurant Chowking. The woman reportedly ordered the vegetables and was surprised to see something dangling in the leaves.


Chowking is a Filipino fastfood that specializes in Chinese food such as noodles, dim sum, and rice toppings. The restaurant chain has more than 400 branches all over the Philippines, mostly in major shopping malls. It is among the biggest in the country as it is a sister company to another Philippine fast food giant, Jollibee Foods Corporation.

The secret to their yummy vegetable dish!


Photo credit: Facebook: Ivy Miranda
Here is a transcription of the original Facebook post:

Dec 26, 2015
We went back from Nueva Ecija [province in Philippines] and decided to eat in CHOWKING because it is our favorite. Even if people have reported many times finding worms in their noodles, we did not believe it and still continued patronizing it. But because of this incident that happened to me, we have proven how dirty CHOWKING is! Almost all of our orders are already served but I cannot eat yet because I was waiting for my ordered KANGKONG. When it arrived, I started eating.

At first, it was okay. But on my second bite, I noticed something unusual dangling by the leaf. It was disgusting seeing how big the spider was on my food. What’s worse is seeing how the abdomen of the insect was crushed already. I vomited right there and then because of the disgusting sight! When we complained to the manager, they just got the plate of kangkong immediately because we are taking pictures already. I told them I will file legal complaints, they can’t give me any explanation for the incident. They just returned the amount I paid for the Kangkong. It was only 39 Php (0.83 USD). Was that the value of their service, when I almost ate a spider from their food? No! I am pregnant and I will not stop until legal complaints have been filed especially if something bad happens to me or my baby. Now I believe the allegations that you have worms in your noodles. You are disgusting!”

The original post:

Dec262015, pauwi kami ng Nueva Ecija dahil paborito namin kumain sa chowking kahit paulit ulit at kahit anong paninira…

Posted by Ivy Miranda on Saturday, December 26, 2015

For the record, we think it is not a spider but a cockroach found in the lady’s vegetable dish. That makes it even more disgusting perhaps. This brings to light the Sanitation standards in food chains in the Philippines as well as Quality Assurance policies to customers. It may be an isolated case, but still it is the restaurant’s duty to serve their customers dishes that are safe for consumption.

What would you have done in this situation? Do you have fastfood nightmare stories to tell too? Share below, and share this post to your friends too.


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