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Guy Shamed a Woman and Got Dissed for it Big Time





Body shaming has been so rampant online, thanks to internet trolls who have nothing worthwhile to do but upload photos and videos of other people. Working out at the gym is discouraging because of the nasty comments. It doesn’t help that the machines are hard to understand and you’re surrounded by sweaty guys groaning like pigs.

Most men don’t have a hard time being at the gym, but it isn’t exactly the same for women, especially in the weight room. This woman was trying her best to get her form right as she does the Jefferson squat. Unknowingly, this rude guy was secretly filming her on Snapchat and broadcasting it live for the world to see.

Looking at the video, you’d actually think the woman was lifting the bar with her vagina muscles. She wasn’t exactly doing it correctly but at least she was trying.

The said clip was posted to the Worldstar Hip Hop page in Facebook. People who saw it weren’t exactly happy. Majority of them posted comments on how a d-bag the guy was.

So the next time you decide to film other people working out at the gym, think twice. You might be the one getting bulk of the jokes instead.

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