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Poor Guy So Broken-Hearted He Goes INSIDE a Washing Machine To Cry His Soul Out

Heartbreak makes a person go nuts.


Look, most of us tend to do crazy things in the name of love. We would climb mountains, literally or figuratively, for the one we consider our “forever”. Nothing is impossible when one is in love, they say. Now if you think a person can go crazy when one is happy in love, just imagine what a broken-hearted person can do. A person in the thick of anguish caused by a heart torn into pieces will just want to go crawl in a hole and cry endlessly. Well, in this case, this dude’s hole is a WASHING MACHINE. No kidding.

This group of guys just walked in at probably the weirdest sight they saw in their lives. Inside the washing machine is their friend in the most uncomfortable fetal position and bawling his eyes out. It’s just a standard machine, see, one with a washer and dryer. The crying dude is crouched in the washer.

It’s kinda hard to imagine how he managed to fit himself in there considering the narrowness of the washer.

Source: Youtube

His friends find the situation funny and who could blame them? What person in his right mind would insert himself in a washing machine? Well, a broken-hearted person, apparently. His friends started cursing at him in a funny way, as if saying “What the eff, dude?!?” but we can see they are concerned about him.

Source: Youtube

Of course, being the good friends that they are, they decided to record the whole thing on video and upload it online.

We can only imagine the embarrassment this dude will feel once he finds out his friends made a mockery of his heartbreak.

Source: Youtube

Poor man. But hey, he should be thankful still. When some b*tch tore your heart out and fed it to her dogs, it’s your bros who will be there to make sure you get through this.

Watch this hilarious video!

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