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Goth Crocs Are 2019’s Must-Have Accessory

“I will instantly marry any man that gives me the goth crocs,” one netizen wrote.


Some think Crocs are fine, while others believe it’s a fashion suicide. But if you’re one of those people who think Crocs are not cool — you better think again.

Instagrammers Chris Snyder (@garbage_b0y) and Paul (@lhommeboy) have decided to modify the footwear to cater the taste of those who are edgy and punk. Called the “Goth Crocs,” the pair features nickel-plated spikes and stainless steel chains. You can get them for $248.62, plus shipping, by US store Heavy Cream.

The description reads:


Punk spike crocs to make your feet into the final form rare Pokémon they were meant to be. (PATENT PENDING)

Made by @garbage_b0y (Instagram) and sold by HEAVY CREAM.

The spikes are nickel plated, and the chain is high sheen stainless steel.”

As if the Goth Crocs needed more edge, you can purchase an optional add-on, which is a long chain that you can attach to your pants.

As expected, the Goth Crocs have inspired some very vocal reactions on social media.

Some of the comments read:

“Don’t care about backlash right now but… I’d totally wear the f*ck out of those ‘goth’ crocs.”

“I will instantly marry any man that gives me the goth crocs you guys don’t understand what those shoes mean to me.”

“The only thing that’s upset me more than the phenomenon that is ‘goth crocs’ is the fact that no one has fucking called it ‘punk-croc’ yet.”

One person shared their interest on photos of the Groth Crocs on Garbage Boy’s Instagram feed, simply writing: “I need.”

But of course, there are some who are wondering if the pair is safe to use. Chris replied to these concerns, saying that the Groth Crocs “hadn’t gored anyone yet.”

In fact, the Groth Crocs had so much positive feedback that rapper Lil Tracy has already worn a pair, and “high-profile stylists” are inquiring about them, too.


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