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Funny Cartoons That Showcase The Controversial Nature Of Women





For the guys out there, explaining the complicated mindset of girls is difficult in nature. Not to diss or paint them in a negative picture, but normally, understanding them can be a bit tricky. When it’s hot, she wants cold, when it’s cold, she wants hot. Always wanting what is not.

Astkhik Rakimova, a talented illustrator from Russia, decided to create a series of funny comics in order to convey her thoughts about this fascinating nature of women. Truth be told, how many of you women out there can relate to some of these?

1. Why are you so attracted to douchebags and bad boys?

2. Always playing coy in order to look timid in front of the guys.

3. What is it again? Double standard is a myth?

4. Come on woman! Make up your mind!.

5. Scheming is a part of them. What a bunch of schemers!

6. Playing coy part 2: Electric Boogaloo

7. Admit it, every girl is an inner shopaholic. It’s in the blood.

8. Nah, I won’t fall for that innocent look and Disney face again.

9. Come on! Always following around to clean up your mess!

10. it’s like you have an extra space in there.

11. Men will be men. Why’d you even wear that skimpy outfit in the first place?

12. Yeah, those hairstyles are just a phase. Your hair’s perfectly fine.

13. ‘Member those expensive heels inside your cabinet? Yeah, there’s a reason why you don’t use them anymore.

14. Remember girls, don’t let the amazing lighting of the department stores fool you.

15. Yeah, you just kissed our this month’s budget goodbye! sigh.

16. Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re on the spectrum at this point.

Yeah, sometimes, girls can be as crazy as a mad hermit. But oftentimes, that’s what makes them adorable… at least, when they’re not driving you mad. If you want to see more from Astkhik Rakimova, check out her website.

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