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This First-Ever Aerial Footage of an Uncontacted Amazon Tribe Proves their Existence





In an era of medical and technological advancements, would you believe that there are still groups of people who live in isolated areas? While most of worry about the latest fashion, gadgets, and newer ways to look younger, uncontacted tribes do not concern themselves with these trivial things.

What matters most to them is simply their survival.

Only 100 uncontacted tribes remain in this world, one of which is this uncontacted Indian tribe living in the dense Amazon forest. According to Survival Intenational, uncontacted tribes have probably lived on their lands for a thousand years.


However, illegal loggers from the Peru side of the border force them to flee the forests and make contact with settled indigenous communities. Hostile neighbors and diseases then may threaten their existence.

Since few people are aware of their existence aside from their neighbors who they may or may not be at peace with, Brazil’s Indian Affairs Department FUNAI started a campaign that could help save the tribe from invaders. However, they have to prove first that the tribe exists.


Photo credit: Gleison Miranda/ FUNAI/ Survival/

Jose Carlos Morales, who works for the department by monitoring the tribe’s land to search for signs of invaders, allowed the BBC film crew to travel with him and capture amazing aerial footages of the tribe using powerful zoom lenses to minimize disturbance. This way, they can show the government and the rest of the world that the tribe exists and that they must do something to preserve their land.

Watch this first aerial footage of one of the last uncontacted Amazon tribes on earth.

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