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Parent Alert! Kids Can Use this Fake Calculator App to Hide Smutty Pictures From You

Parents, don’t be deceived.

Ann Moises





The world is at our fingertips; everything we need to know is mostly found on the internet. We can have access to whatever data we want to obtain with just one click.

This is why parents have to be keen in filtering the information that children can get from the net. And they also have to screen whatever app kids download on their gadgets.

Alabama district attorney Pamela Casey warned parents about a particular app that’s available for both Android and iPhone users.


Photo credit: Pamela Casey

In the video, she told the parents about “Calculator%”. Apparently, this app looks like an ordinary calculator, but it’s actually a folder where you can hide pictures and files from others.

All you need to do is to run it and key in your secret code.


Photo credit:

We’re not implying that your kids will store some dirty pictures and other sensitive files there, but it’s definitely an app that can do just that.

For iPhone users, here are the names you should be looking out for:


Photo credit:
And here it is for Android users:


Photo credit:

Children, your parents respect your privacy. But, they do have the right to know.

Watch the video:

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Epic Fail! Houdini Copycat Almost Dies After Burying Himself Underground.

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Mark Andrew



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Almost a hundred years after his death, many of his death-defying stunts are still unequalled and remain largely unexplained. Some of his most memorable acts include the Chinese Water Torture Cell, Milk Can Escape, Mirror Handcuff Challenge, and Suspended Straitjacket Escape. His impressive skill to get out of impossible traps makes his performances astonishing and entertaining.

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That’s it, I’m getting the hell out of this office!




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She's getting paid to sleep in expensive beds.
Imagine getting paid GBP 1,000 to sleep in designer beds. This is what Birmingham University Student Roisin Madigan's job for a month, as part of her contribution to a survey initiated by Simon Horn Ltd. The company sells the Savoir Beds, which are luxury beds originally created for the posh Savoy Hotel. Roisin's job is to spend 8 hours in those luxury beds and blog about her experiences.

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After successfully helping her sons sell their old video games on eBay, Linda started auctioning her collection of high-fashion bags and garments online. Weeks later, her friends began to ask her if she can sell their stuff too. Then she went viral. Through word of mouth, her hobby became what is now a million-dollar venture.

The eBay savvy mompreneur told Daily Mail Online that every home houses over 52 things that can be sold at eBay.

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