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Prankster Gave Poor Victims The Most Gross Act Ever Done Inside An Elevator and It Was Hilarious!





One of the perks of enjoying a good prank is getting a selection of reactions from their victims. As the accomplice launches the bait, the poor victims instantly become great actors on a clueless film. But what will you do if you happened to be one of the grossed victims ever? Totally EEEEWWWW!!!!

Much as elevators are one of the greatest inventions of humans, its walls conceal whatever mystery is bound to happen inside. With the brilliant idea of containing their victims, this agitated “prankster” started the prank by releasing a perky fart. Moments after, the simple farting came along with a very terrible smell from a revolting stomach. It is however at the grand finale when the prankster finally releases the “bowels” straight in their victims’ faces making them obviously grossly paranoid with themselves.

Watch the epic prank:

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Lucky for them, it was all just a prank and viewers have now more reasons to go gaga over a well-performed act. Clap! Clap! Clap!

Credits: Canal Boom

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