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Rich Guy Attempts to Show Off His Porsche, Ends Up Smashing It Into a Tree Instead

This video is equally funny and painful to watch.


Driving a £1million Porsche 918 Spyder will definitely catch people’s attention even if you don’t try to. Apparently, one cocky driver thought there’s a need to show off the luxury car. But things didn’t go well as planned as the flashy driver ended up losing control of the vehicle and smashing it into a tree.

In a video posted by YouTuber Kristina Champin, an overly excited man and a beautiful blonde in the passenger seat were seen cruising St. Tropez in France. Perhaps in an attempt to impress bystanders,  the driver stepped on the accelerator and avoided hitting a pedestrian.

The show-off driver and passenger were unharmed…


…yet the crash caused some serious damage to his super pricey car and ego.


Despite the embarrassment, the cocky millionaire still managed to smile after the incident.


If there’s one thing we learned from this hilarious video, it’s that pride can only take you so far.

Watch the embarrassing video below:

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Men React After Watching Footage of Their Girlfriends Getting Catcalled

Horrified men reacts while watching footage of their girlfriends being catcalled.

Catcalling is a form of street harassment that women deal with everyday. The fear of going out alone, of being harassed by strangers or some men in particular, of being judged because of how you look or dress, of feeling unsafe and disrespected--these are only few of the things that most women go through and sadly, it's even worst for some.

To raise awareness especially among men about how women experience street harassment and what they feel about it, came up with a social experiment. Three women were asked to wear hidden GoPro cameras as they walked around New York City. Afterwards, their boyfriends sat down with them to watch the footage and share their reactions. Apparently, these men are not happy about it.

Their reactions went form being disgusted, annoyed, upset and for most part, furious of the act. Even though they are aware of this thing happening nowadays, it's obviously a different story when you have to deal with it in reality especially if it involves people you know or love.

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Man Proposes to Dream Girl Using 20 Luxury Cars, Still Gets Rejected

What went wrong here?

We’ve all read about many elaborate and romantic wedding proposals. One of those that stand out from my recent memory is that guy who proposed to his girlfriend during her birthday. With the help of family members, he eventually led her to a beach and showed a video footage of him doing random things (such as having breakfast, brushing his teeth, and cooking, among others) while proposing to her for 365 days. It’s really sweet and awesome.

Or that one where the guy suddenly popped up the golden question while he and his girl were in Eiffel Tower. That was cool as well. Also that guy who fell of the roof during a crazy wedding proposal.

And then there are sad, unfortunate proposal stories like this one from a man in Shenzen, China.

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Adorable 5-Year-Old Girl Refuses To Eat Meat And Tearfully Explains Why.

This video of a 5-year-old girl who is determined not to eat meat will melt your heart.

When you have kids around the house, a few challenges here and there are mostly what we encounter everyday. The most common is how to deal with kids throwing tantrums especially during meal time. Children are known to be picky-eaters but this little girl's reasons as to why she refused not to eat her food will melt your heart. She definitely has a heart for animals.

A five-year-old girl named Indie Rose from Dublin is determined not to eat the turkey meat on her plate prepared by her father. This future vegetarian thinks animals are very nice that they don't deserved to be chopped up. She then had a serious but adorable discussion with her father as she tearfully explained why she doesn't want to eat animals.

Luckily, Indie Rose's dad was understanding enough to handle the situation, he even promised to consult her mother to help her become a vegetarian. She is just a kid after all, though she makes a lot of sense despite her young age. They say 'Sometimes, we learn a lot from kids' and I couldn't agree more to this.

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