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Daughter Stole Her Parents’ Entire Life Savings Then Went On A Crazy Shopping Spree

A daughter is now facing jail time after she stole her parents’ life savings to go on a shopping spree.


Money can indeed be the root of all evils. Just imagine a daughter stealing a great deal of cash from her own parents just so she can quench her thirst for material things.

Melissa Humphreys admitted stealing her parents’ £180,000 ($242,000) life savings after they sold their house and set off for a grand Euro trip. The parents entrusted their hard earned money to the 33-year-old woman, but she blew all of the cash on a shopping spree.

A daughter took the opportunity to go on a shopping spree using her parents’ money while they were away for a vacation.

Melissa’s parents travelled around Europe in a motorhome back in 2010. Their trip of a lifetime was however cut short when they discovered that they could not withdraw cash from their accounts. They soon launched an investigation and sadly found out that their daughter emptied their bank accounts after she maxed out their credit cards. Furthermore, Melissa took more credit out of their name.

The troubled daughter appeared at Chelmsford Crown Court on Friday and admitted 12 counts of fraud using the MBNA credit cards. She also pleaded guilty to one count of obtaining property by deception, using the same type of card back in 2006.

Judge Emma Peters who handles the case said:

“Given the breach of trust here and the extended period of dishonesty, and the terrible fact that her victims were her parents, is clearly an aggravating factor in my view.”

Meanwhile, Christopher Baxton, the prosecutor of the case, explained the total money she might have used could reach £200,000 ($269,000) after Humphreys consumed the money for months undetected. Humphreys has however denied three additional charges of obtaining property by deception which Mr. Baxton later said will have no trial.

Mail Online notes defending lawyer, Steven Levy, called for an eight-week adjournment for a psychiatric report to be written for Melissa. He said:

“Clearly this matter was not one that was easy to assimilate because of the age of some of the offenses and the defendant’s parents went away some time ago…That has had a big impact on her, and her mental health.”

Judge Peters said during the last hearing of Melissa’s theft case:

“You’ve pleaded guilty to most of these offenses and stolen tens of thousands of pounds from your parents, just short of £200,000.
I don’t want you to be under any doubt at all that the most immediate sentence will be one of custody.
Bail is no indication of the sentence you might receive.”

It is very likely that Melissa will get a imprisonment as punishment during her final sentencing.

Melissa Humphreys was demanded to stay at her home and surrender her passport to Colchester police station until her sentencing at the Chelmsford Crown Court in November.


‘We Are Too Young To See Someone Die’, Teens Convince Suicidal Man To Spare His Life

Two teenage boys saved a man from committing suicide as they held him tight, preventing him from jumping off a bridge.

Our life is a precious gift but there are some of us who go through difficult times and they just stop appreciating their existence. Suicide is very common among youths today who experience depressing problems that they believe they cannot solve. Luckily, there are people concerned enough to stop others from taking their lives, like these two teenage boys who saved a man from jumping off a bridge.

Two schoolboys, Haci Demir and George Sofioniou, were on their way home from an after-school -revision session at St Mary’s C of E High School in Cheshunt last Thursday when they witnessed something terrifying on the Paul Culley Bridge. They saw a man whose legs were already hanging off the side of the bridge, and they thought that he was just doing a stunt.

Two mid-school teens saved a man from almost taking his life.

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Nepalese Woman Chases British Tourists With Stones After Complaining About Her Black Tea

A Nepalese vendor chased British tourists with paddle and stones after they complained about her black tea’s price.

Going on an adventure in a foreign country is an interesting activity that almost all of us put in our bucket lists. The new experiences must be worth taking note of and worth capturing that should be shared on social media. But while we are expecting a stress-free vacation, we should not eliminate the chances to have an unfortunate encounter.

A British tourist, who was enjoying her time discovering the mountainous Nepal, had a mad encounter with an angry local all because of a cup of tea. Gemma Wilson was then out for a day trek along the Annapurna Circuit with her teen stepson. Exhausted, they then decided to stop by a tea house to buy refreshments.

This Nepalese vendor chased two British tourists who complained about her black tea being overpriced.

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White Glamour Model Spends $67K On Cosmetic Surgery To Become Black

Martina Big says she’s now a “proud owner of black skin.”

Beauty comes in all colors, sizes, and shapes but sometimes, the color of the skin defines the standards of beauty for some people. Those who have dark complexion may feel that they need to go lighter to be appreciated. Those who have white skin may want to have a darker-colored complexion as they consider it beautiful. One German model decided to go for the latter that she spent almost $70,000 to achieve it.

Martina Big spent a total of around $67,000 in cosmetic surgery to enhance her breasts, which is now US Size 70, and color her skin dark with tanning injections so she can identify as a black woman.

Martina Big, a white glamour model, is now a "proud owner of black skin."

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