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Bookworms Are Officially More Attractive, Dating Website Survey Says





If you consider yourself a bookworm and think your ‘boring’ hobby isn’t particularly making your love life more exciting, you might want to think again. A dating website recently revealed that reading actually makes you more attractive to the opposite gender.

How so, you ask? Well according to eHarmony, listing reading as a hobby on your dating profile is actually a good idea and your choice of reading material “could have an impact on your love life.”

Apparently, being an avid reader makes you more appealing to the opposite gender.

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The website tells us:

“The good news is that being an avid reader makes you more attractive to the opposite (gender). Men who list reading on their online dating profile receive 19% more messages on eHarmony, while female readers receive 3% more.”

Additionally, the website mentions that bookworms “have also been found to be more intellectually curious than most and find it easier to form open and trusting relationships with others.”

The catch here, of course, is that your attractiveness is often determined by what types of books you read.

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eHarmony further discloses:

“Men who mention Richard Branson’s “Screw It, Let’s Do It” and “Like a Virgin,” will receive an incredible 74 per cent more attention than those who don’t. Followed by The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (36%), 1984 (21%) and The Da Vinci Code (5%).

“For women, the biggest increases in messages come from listing The Hunger Games (44%), The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (31%) and A Game of Thrones (30%).”

Meanwhile, male Harry Potter fans receive about 56% less communication than those who do not. As for the ladies, those who read the Fifty Shades series get 16% less communication.

The website, however, warns their users to be truthful about their profiles if they want to make the most of their online dating experience.

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“Unfortunately,” the website wrote, “not everyone takes our advice and lying about reading habits could be seen as an easy way to impress.”

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