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This Dirty Old Truck Needs a Lot of Cleaning ‘Til One Person Decided To Transform It





A new groundbreaking project is taking the conventional perspective on old truck by storm. If you happened to store an old rusted truck in your garage then this do it yourself project might just be the solution to your problem.

A lot of people are more inclined of purchasing new items once they noticed some trails of near breakage. Thanks to the innovative solution of Reddit user cmc51377, you may just consider yourself a winner of a new camping buddy much better than a sturdy tent.

From the flat and uneven surface of the ground, finally, all adventurers and nature lovers can now take the pleasure of bringing along their potentially new home while out of nowhere. Who ever said that an old truck can’t be your new home, right?

Below are the amazing transition for anyone’s delight and replica!

Of course, the magic should start with cleaning the trunk.


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Remember that the front is just as good as the back so you may want to grab that spray-paint and freshen up the palettes of your truck.


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After checking the other physical features that needed to be pimped, then it is very crucial to examine loose wires and cables.


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Again, safety first before anything else.

Almost getting there… we ain’t finish yet so keep moving pal!


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Now that the case is almost brand new, then we could finally attach the “dome”.


Photo credit: imgur

You’ll see later what we mean by “dome”. (Continue reading next page…)

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