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Crocs Footwear May Not Be as Healthy as You Think





Crocs has become one of the most surprising trends in the history of shoes. Quite surprisingly, its unusual appearance caught the attention of so many people. Many even collect different colors and variations of it which proves to be baffling considering that it has a bulky look and appears to be a bit too shabby for daily use.

Of course, the increase in sales may be caused by the extreme promotion and “flare” thrown in by the company. Not to mention the intensive promotion of Crocs’ supposed health benefits for its wearer.

The Infamous Crocs Clogs

The Infamous Crocs Clogs

Source: Crocs Brand

But whether you like it or not, you should know that many health professionals are unimpressed with Crocs.

WebMD reviewed this unusually popular footwear and found that while a couple of experts vouched for the brand, there are those who continue to be skeptical about the health benefits the company claims that this shoe has.

Dr. Richard Deyo of the medicine and health services at the University of Washington in Seattle said that he never heard of such a shoe and that he won’t believe anything the company claims unless a clinical trial has been done to prove it.

Dr. Deyo said:

“I’m a professional skeptic, and that applies here as well. Unless they have some persuasive randomized trials, I’d regard the therapeutic claims as theoretical.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Bob Baravarian, the chief of foot and ankle surgery at Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center said that the Crocs shoes are very good for people who have trouble walking because it is lightweight and easy to wear. he explained:

“They are very stable, they don’t bend and twist side to side much, and they have a good heel cup and arch contour compared to other shoes.”

Pain in the Foot

Pain in the Foot

Source: Wise Geek

However, Dr. Baravarian does not advise its use ALL THE TIME.

“Because the shoe is considered medical, it gets overused by people who need more support than they can get from the shoe. It’s not as good as an orthotic or a medical type shoe; it’s made out to be better than it is.”

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