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Create a Durable and Spacious Home in 7 Days with the Dome House!





For those of you who played The Sims, you might think that designing the layout of your dream home is a pretty easy task. You start off with the floor plan, then you make sure that every room is spacious enough while making sure they fit within the area of your lot. But it’s hardly every that easy in real life, especially since you also have to consider the cost of materials like flooring, walls, the style of windows, and all the other details that go into designing a home.

Designing your own home may seem simple in a game, but it’s nowhere near as easy in real life!


Well, a Japanese company has created the perfect materials to make your dream home a reality. That is, if you don’t mind living in a dome-shaped house.

International Dome House Co. Ltd. is a Japanese company that manufactures polystyrene materials that you can easily assemble into a dwelling space, whether you want a home with lots of rooms or a single-bedroom home.

The Dome House allows you to build your home from pre-made materials, and all you have to do is assemble the parts the way you like!

The polystyrene material they use has insulating capabilities, as well as extended semipermanent durability. On top of that, the dome shape of the house you can create allows air to circulate freely within the home. Lastly, since Japan is no newbie to earthquakes, the Dome House is highly earthquake resistant and it also reduced wind resistance.

The Dome Pieces also come with windows and window fixtures, and it also allows plenty of light to enter your home. You can also opt to cap off your house or the rooms of your house with a closed ceiling piece or a ceiling piece with a small window to let the light shine through.

Each Dome Piece weighs only 80kg, and this makes assembling the pieces so much easier. In fact, assembling the Dome House can take only 7 days to complete if it’s done by 3 or 4 people.

It can take as little as 7 days to completely finish a Dome House.

The extreme versatility of the Dome House allows you to assemble the pieces to suit your needs and the available space you have. Think of it as literally building your home where all the parts are like Lego pieces that fit perfectly into each other!

If you want to find out more about the Dome House, check out their website at

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