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15 DIY Alternatives To Traditional Gift Wrapping Paper This Christmas

You’ll never have to buy those fancy wrappers again!

Mark Andrew





Christmas isn’t only the most wonderful time of the year – it’s also one of the most expensive. Just think of all the parties you have to attend, all the food you have to prepare, and, yes, all the gifts you have to gift.

Especially if you have a long list, we really couldn’t blame you if you feel tempted to think that you must be some sort of a real-life Santa Claus at some point.

Well fortunately, there are ways to minimize the stress and save on expenses during the holiday season. We’ve shared some Christmas hacks recently and you might want to check that out.

Also, as you can probably figure out from this article’s title, it’s completely possible to go the DIY route in wrapping your gifts by taking advantage of available materials you can find in your home.

Go scroll down and check out some cool alternatives to traditional Christmas gift wrappers:

1. Recycled Cloth Bag

Source: oneluckyday

Look for some pieces of cloth (scraps, curtains, etc) and, as you can see on the picture above, use it to wrap your gifts. It just takes some creativity and you’ll definitely pull this off quite well.

2. Music Sheet on Paper Bag

Stick a music sheet on an ordinary paper bag and you’ll be surprised how it will look awesome. You won’t have to buy those fancy gift bags anymore!

3. Sweater Bag

Sweaters are in during the Christmas season so if you’re getting a new one, you might want to repurpose your old one into a gift bag instead.

4. Grocery Bag

Most stores use Christmas-themed grocery bags during the yuletide, right? Well, there goes something you can use as a decorative wrapper!

5. Printable Wrapping Paper

Got a printer and some paper? Your problem is solved!

6. Stamped Junk Mail

Source: assembleshop

If you’ve got a lot of junk mail (who doesn’t?), grab a stamp and you’ll be ready to rock.

7. Old Scarf

You won’t even need any tapes, strings, or bows for this option.

8. Newspaper Bag

It looks hip and it’s really easy to make one. All you’ll need is a newspaper sheet, a cardstock, along with some glue and a cord.

9. Cereal Box

Don’t throw those cereal boxes just yet and transform them into awesome gift boxes instead.

10. Christmas Plastic Container

Source: sewmanyways

Now this one will be perfect for your cookies! This will be much better than trays or plates.

11. Word Search Wrapper

This one’s very easy to make – and super fun for the gift recipients as well. All you’ll need is a printer and a program to do it. Try MS Word or Photoshop maybe!

12. Aluminum Foil Wrapper

Source: mondocherry

Your gift will be the shiniest, no doubt, if you utilize a tin foil.

13. Comic Strip Wrapper

Source: who-arted

The comic section of the newspaper can be a gold mine for alternative wrapping. Top it off with a colorful bow made from a magazine page.

14. Cardboard Box With Felt Roses

Source: mydesigndump

Create roses out of felt scraps and then use it as a topper for a plain cardboard box. It looks cool and cute!

15. Ziploc Holiday Containers

Source: ziploc

The photos speak for themselves so yep, Ziplocs can be awesome in packing your gifts.

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