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A Child Asked Strangers to Light His Cigarette. Their Reactions Tell Us A Lot!

Would you let a 10-year old kid smoke a cigarette?


Kids are known to emulate what they see from adults and media. With the accessibility and abundance of advertisements on social media, children can be easily enticed to try out things such as smoking. The makers of this video had a child ask random strangers on the street to help him smoke. His question brought about mixed reactions from surprised adults!

There are some who discouraged the kid. Even going so far as grabbing the cigarette from his lips and throwing it out.

One guy saying NO to the kid…


Photo credit: SoFlo

While this lady here even brought out a lighter “to help him out”

And a YES from this lady


Photo credit: : SoFlo

And then there is the last guy he asked, whose words made the little guy tear up!

What could he have said that made the child cry?


Photo credit: SoFlo
Well to find out what the last stranger said, watch the video below

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It’s amazing and quite ironic to see that some adults who are smokers are vehemently against and discourage the child to smoke. This may bring to light a question on our choices. Why not let the child smoke if the people themselves do it as a habit?

Others may argue that the video was made as a promotional video of some sort, but I guess we can all agree with the message of the wise guy who was asked last. Sometimes it is towards the end that we regret the choice our younger selves have made. Sure going through life’s hard lessons teaches us a lot, but why go through the mistake if we can spare ourselves the agony by avoiding it altogether?

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